01 January 2011

Ryan Giggs running down the wing?

The Mirror is reporting that the Cosmos are targeting Manchester United star Ryan Giggs for their series of "inspirational games" next season.

"But it’s 37-year-old Giggs who has been targeted as a headline star for the exhibition games that will announce the famous Cosmos back on the world stage. The matches will be billed as football’s version of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball outfit, with the Cosmos backers aiming for an eye-catching return to the spotlight."

While out of his prime, Giggs still makes an impact for United. How do you feel about the rumor?

For those not familiar with Giggs, here is one of his most famous goals. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting. Ryan is a world class player who still has plenty to give to the game.

kiro said...

too old,don't like English football.

Nick said...

Im up in the air, I like Giggs but he is old.