02 November 2010


Here is a report where Gio Savarese talks about the Stadium and that the funding is in place not only for the stadium but for the league fee.

"We have the resources for the construction of a stadium. Also, the money needed to be accepted to Major League Soccer is now available."

Gio also talks about the development of the academy and discusses how they are playing a style of football they expect the first team to play and points to Barcelona style of play as "where we would like to get"

"The style of soccer we are talking about is about showmanship. The Cosmos was about showmanship in its prime and we want to continue that. A team that touches the ball. A team that gives off a vibe of happiness. The players in game can express themselves in this manner."

Great news that the funding seems to be completely in place and its exciting to actually be able to start thinking about a style of play from the Cosmos. HOWEVER, there is still one question supporters have is "Can a stadium really be built by 2013?" This is still a point of concern as most supporters want to see this team in its own stadium for the teams first kick in MLS!