28 February 2011

The Big Stick without a Handler

Nothing amazes me more than when people say loud things, without anything behind it. A great example is the child on the Elementary School playground who tells all his friends "I'm gonna kick his (butt)" and then proceeds to find either an excuse out of the situation or even better, a pawn to do his bidding. Right now the Cosmos organization is doing alot of talking with the backroom staff and how they are making the right choices with personell but few is said of the details on stadium or even expansion fees. The Wilpon family has said that they are not planning on any intention to sell the Mets and it is no secret that Don and MLSers are trying to woo Fred and co. with a sturring rendition of "I've got you babe" but the question remains on how this all ties in. Right now the only thing that is a certain is that the world reknowned Cosmos name is back in play however we don't know how this can be developed even further. Without an exapansion fee, a stadium. or even a playing staff the Cosmos are basically an attractive female who does not speak your language; something to look at but without any real "inner" qualities that you can understand yet. To play Devil's Advocate however; maybe this is the Cosmos plan all along. Get people talking and start making our name get out there even more.

26 February 2011

Garber: "Other markets 21st or beyond"


Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber spoke again about the 20th expansion spot and NYC. This time with AOL Fanhouse.

FANHOUSE: You've committed to adding a 20th team (Montreal joins as the 19th in 2012). Are you willing to put off other prospective cities and investors in order to ensure that the 20th team is in New York?

GARBER: We have been very focused on our 20th team being in New York. We're not close to being done with that. But it still remains our goal, and therefore the other markets that we remain in discussion with will come in as team 21 or beyond.

This is all well and good, but it is now at a point where hearring the same message has gotten tiring. Just come out and update us where you stand with NY2. Enough with the "we are focused" but rather tell us what is the update in terms of stadium talk and which of these "potential owners" leads the pack.

Garber speaks of all these other investors and the Cosmos are the only ones in the public. He should come public with other investors, if not, stop playing games, sit down and finalize this deal.

We understand that there is a need for discretion on some topics but at this point, after months of saying the same thing about 20th team, the NYers are getting frustrated and it could turn them off from MLS. Is that what Don Garber wants? It is curious why he is not embracing the excitement around the Cosmos. This is a fantastic PR chance for his league but the longer this prolongs without serious news, the more chance that fans will start to drift away from the idea.

Fans are frustrated and want answers. The Cosmos have seen the frustration, but it might be time that Garber feels those frustrations as well.

The positive thing for fans to take out of this, is that Garber all but says NY will be the 20th team, although we will beleive it when we see it.


24 February 2011

Supporters to hold Q & A with the Cosmos front office


The Cosmos had an event last night to launch their Spring 2011 line.
Members of our supporters club spoke to key members of the front office and
a Q&A with the Cosmos will be held in the coming weeks.

It has been proposed that the Borough Boys will host an event in the future that will hopefully feature key members of the front office answering important questions the fans have been asking. The goal is to have the likes of Paul Kemsely and Terry Byrne speaking to the fans about the issues.

This is our opportunity to come face to face with the owners and staff of your possible new club.
Stay tuned for more information right here at thisiscosmoscountry.com.
Regular updates including venue and date will be posted in the near future.

(( Last night's photos were taken by a Camera phone, sorry for the low quality.))

21 February 2011

February almost over as fans wonder

Over the past few weeks, the talk amongst supporters of the New York Cosmos and the Borough Boys movement has been about news that was supposed to come out in February. The Cosmos organization mentioned that there would be big news in February and as we approach the final week of the month, nothing major has been announced.

The Cosmos have still been active as Eric Cantona did this interview with ESPN where he speaks of his past actions as well as the idea of the Cosmos emulating Barca and Total Football. Total football has been a successful tactic since the late 60s and it helped Holland to two straight World Cup Final appearances in the 70s. While an exciting style, it is hard to get too excited as the Cosmos still have no stadium or league to play in.

It should be noted that some of the Borough Boys were part of a photo shoot for the Cosmos which was explained as an ad campaign for a " team launch". This is a sign that the Cosmos are still moving forward in some capacity.

There are still a lot of questions out there and fans are trying to be patient in waiting for the answers, but the more time that passes, the more impatient they are becoming.

11 February 2011

New York Cosmos - Girondins de Bordeaux

We got some amazing photos compliments of http://newyorkcity.blogs.sudouest.fr/. This was a game between the Cosmos and Bordeaux on October 10, 1980.

A special thanks to Jean-Michel for sharing them with us and giving us the OK to share them with all of you. For all the photos and the full story, click the link below. The journalist also has another blog http://louisiane.blogs.sudouest.fr/.

09 February 2011

Why Eric Cantona is smarter than you

 By: Jd Mac Kinnon

     In the middle part of January 2011, the recently revived New York Cosmos unveiled a signing that both shocked and surprised some. Eric Cantona, Manchester United’s player of the century and a French wizard with the ball back in his heyday made a return to soccer with an organization that has gone from being past history to present-day restoration.  The Cosmos needing a face to their organization did a double grab with both Cantona and former US international Cobi Jones being added as the cornerstones for the organization being built from the basement up, but some have called the appointments miss placed while others are saying it is downright bizarre that a legend like Cantona would make his return with a franchise that has yet to find a league.
     I on the other hand look at the former Red Devil playmaker as an untested IQ genius who basically has more to gain and less to lose with this deal. First off Eric has rarely been involved with football in the past 14years with the most work done in the sport coming from Nike and there TV commercials. (My favorite is Joga Bonito) When you’ve lost 14 years in an industry you formally worked in you must regain the same skills by working in the mail room and waiting for that chance to talk to the CEO on that “far east deal”. Pretend now that European football is the CEO and soccer in CONCACAF is sort of the mail room, Eric needs that chance to prove that he has not lost the skills associated with the world’s game and that places like North America is the chance. Former greats tend to fail in the categories of coach or CEO with success being the exception and failure being the majority; but why try from the top and not work like a laborer to find a way to the top.

07 February 2011

MLS still talking to New York

 Photo provided by sportsbusinessdaily.com

MLS Executive Vice President of Communcation Dan Courtemanche recently had an on-line chat with fans on http://atlantasoccerblog.com/2011/01/mls-to-atlanta/

On that chat, SOMEONE posted a question about if Atlanta could contend for the 20th spot or beyond? Here was the response.

Dan Courtemanche: 
I see Nick's comment about Atlanta as a contender for the 20th team. At the present time we remain focused on securing a 20th team for Major League Soccer in New York. We have also met with several potential ownership groups for a second team in the New York area. 

He also went on to say:

Dan Courtemanche: 
With New York, we have many potential owners, a vibrant soccer market and stadium discussions taking place. Those items help. 

Many people have said that NYC expansion is dead, but it seems the league is still very focused on it. 

06 February 2011

Cosmos vs. Dortmund.

By: Stephen Brandt

Let's his the way back button for a bit here, on October 13, 1981

Borussia Dortumud of the German First Division defeated the New York Cosmos that day, 4-2 in their second loss of the European Tour of that year. Giorgio and Ricky Davis got the goals of the match for the Cosmos, and it was the fourth so far for the great Italian on the tour. They played before 10,000 people.

As with everything I write about the Cosmos, I would love to know your thoughts on the game, fan photos, and anything you guys can dig up on this match. There are people out there, who read this who will have seen the scoreline in the 1980's. I want everyone to be apart of the history of the Cosmos.

04 February 2011

LAFC ends Cosmos affiliation


Los Angeles Football Club  has ended its affiliation with the New York Cosmos.

"In addition, we have decided to end our affiliation with the New York Cosmos and Cosmos Academy West. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors, and know that they will be successful in each of them."

There was never any sense for the Cosmos to have this affiliation to begin with as the goal is to become a Major League Soccer team. If selected to MLS, the Cosmos would probably had to have given up LAFC under the leagues territorial rules.

Amazingly this can be seen as a positive step towards MLS acceptance, but because of the lawsuit against the Wilpon family, who the Cosmos have spoken with about a potential facility, the news will be seen by many as signs of a downfall.

The roller coaster continues....

01 February 2011

Cosmos, Wilpon family and Garber


There has been a lot of news over the past few days which has been challenging to decipher. The news we are speaking of is that of the Wilpon family and their financial woes. As everything else in life, one can take this in a positive and negative light, so we will try to look at both sides of the spectrum.

The negative spin is one of doom and gloom. There was always talk of a possible New York City based team and since 2007 those talks always included the Wilpon family. In 2008 the Wilpon family were openly in discussions with the league but those dreams got shattered as the news of a Ponzi scheme came across the news wire.

There is a very good chance that the Cosmos and Wilpon family are talking about building a stadium in Queens and there also stands a chance that the Wilpon family was to provide some of the financial muscle for such a facility. If that is the case, then this news is a MAJOR blow to New York City expansion.

The positive fan will say that even though Terry Byrne spoke of meetings with the Wilpon family, the Cosmos have another source of finances for a stadium plan. In the past the Cosmos have stated they have the finances lined up for both the stadium and expansion fee, so even if they have spoken with the Wilpon Family, it does not mean that the stadium plans rely heavily on finances from Sterling Equities.

Whether you are of the negative side or the positive side, all should be somewhat satisfied with the quotes today from Don Garber.

During a conference call, in which Major League Soccer announced that the All Star Game will be played at Red Bull Arena, Garber offered these quotes:

"We're still very focused on New York as our 20th team," 

"We're in disucssions with the Cosmos, but also with other ownership groups."

"While I have lots of respect and admiration for the guys who have relaunched that great brand and have done a good job from the marketing perspective and certainly have made a lot of noise, we've got to continue to ensure any group we speak to seriously about MLS expansion needs to have the financial capabilities, the long-term vision, the capability of getting a stadium built and developed and share the vision with the rest of the MLS owners," Garber said.

"We'll continue those discussions both with them and with others. We're very focused on it. We're spending a lot of our time on the 20th team."

So while he is saying the Cosmos are not a lock, the Commissioner still sounded very positive on NY expansion in general. Fans should try not to speculate so much and let the news come out and this picture will all be cleared up.

Perhaps the Cosmos should comment on the situation as some fans are extremely worried about this.