04 October 2011

6-8 Months is now a punchline

Oh we know how this one ends. "6-8 months"

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber was on NBC Sports Talk on Versus TV tonight and he spoke about the big night for US soccer as there is a huge league game as well as the US Open Cup final at which 40 thousand fans are expected to attend.

Earlier in the day, Russ Thaler, who hosted the interview asked fans for questions and the question he selected was about the 20th team. Thaler mentioned that there was an overwhelming response from fans on this topic so he asked when the 20th team will be announced and if it will be the Cosmos.

Garber did not dodge the question but really did not offer much. He said they continue to talk to the city, and yes, the Cosmos as well. Garber made it clear that the stadium is the challenge and that after that gets sorted out the rest will be easy to put into place.

Then came the same old story. Don Garber said that he expects more on it in the next "6-8-12 months".

For those who have been involved in this movement or even just following, this is the same timeline we have heard at least 3 times in the past 12 months. You are begining to wonder that in 10 years you will be tucking your kid into bed saying "Don't worry, the Cosmos will be here in 6-8 months".

The whole saga has grown tiresome for many fans around the area, and many are no longer as excited as they were back on August 5th when the Cosmos played Manchester Untied. The fans are aware of the challenges building a stadium, but they really want a little more transparency.Many are stating that "fans are the heart and soul of a soccer team and should not be left in the complete darkness".

A little applause for the Borough Boys because clearly an impression was made on Mr. Thayer as he made sure he pointed out how many people asked about it. It seems that last second internet campaign to get people to contact him did in fact work. See what happens when we all come together?