01 December 2011

NYC Kit-League Table (Winter Update)

It's been over 2 months since our last update of the NYC Kit-League but all the while I've been keeping track of every football logo I see around NYC. Lots of teams have dramatically moved in the table. Liverpool is a great example of a shirt I saw nothing of in the first two weeks of the competition and have since seen everywhere. Obviously as the days turn colder Big European Clubs that sell a lot Jackets and Coats have an advantage over the Mexican and South American clubs and I think we see that in the table. That said I've decided to lay off the analysis a bit and instead focus on some of the more interesting things I've seen around the city. So here they are...

CLUB AMERICA TATTOO: Seeing this on the Manhattan bound 7 train this caught me off guard as it isn't a Jersey or a Jacket, but I quickly decided that any tattoo incorporating a teams logo deserves the full three points in this table.

BALLINROBE TOWN AFC JERSEY: Likely the most obscure kit I've seen thus far, Ballingrobe Town AFC is an Irish club from County Mayo that plays in the Welcome Inn Premier Division of the Mayo League. For those of you that are counting thats level 5 in the Irish League Pyramid.

KANSAS CITY WIZ JERSEY: In my opinion the most wonderfully hideous jersey I have seen, so wonderfully hideous that I had to go find a picture the shirt.

I decided to separate the National Team Jerseys into their own table... so here are your, League 1, League 2 and the National Team tables...

National Team Kit-League