02 August 2011

Temp Venues, Opus and meet the players

The Cosmos Opus looks like a must have for Cosmos collectors 
(Photo taken from www.nycosmos.com)

It has been an active few days in Cosmos Country as the build up to Fridays clash at Old Trafford is producing some interesting news. Terry Byrne spoke recently about a potential temporary stadium solution for the Cosmos while they continue to finalize plans for the long term.

"Discussions with the league are ongoing over the potential for a temporary solution as a two or three year stop-gap."

This is actually a very big development for Cosmos. There is no secret that a stadium will take a few years to build, and if their ambitions are to get started by 2013 or 2014, a temporary stadium solution will need to be in place for a year or two. If the Cosmos can finalize this temporary deal and they then produce a viable long term solution, which seems to already have traction with the city, then the MLS will not need that much more time to make their decision.

Within the city, there are only a few temporary options for the Cosmos. The first is Kraft Field, the home of Columbia football that seats 17K and would be a nice venue for matches. It is accessible via subway as well as Metro North, however parking in the area is limited.

Then there are the two baseball stadiums. Yankee Stadium would be nastalgic being the Cosmos played there back in the day, but if there is going to be a baseball stadium utlized, Citi Field would be the leader as the Wilpons are very interested in soccer in their community, and not to mention, rent could be a nice piece of extra change in their pockets.

It seems that things are moving pretty well in terms of getting a team in New York City but nothing is etched in stone. Until Don Garber says the words, then we all have to keep the fingers crossed. It can be said though, it seems we are closer now than we have ever been.

Festivities have started surrounding the game in Manchester this week, and today the Cosmos announced they will be releasing the Cosmos Opus in late 2012. This looks to be a MUST HAVE for Cosmos fans as it promises to be a fantastic tribute to the clubs legacy.

Finally, you should watch the video the Cosmos posted on their site introducing the members of the Cosmos Academy that are heading over Manchester. Start recognizing a few of these faces because they just might be walking out of the tunnel for first kick should the MLS deal get finalized.

C'mon the Mos