01 September 2011

Quiet for a while

Well, it has been a while since there has been an update on this site and there are really two reasons for that.

1) My personal life was very full. Between the day job and other things going on, it has been a hectic time. I apologize but hey, everyone needs a little time off - right?

2) There really has been no news as to what is going on with the Cosmos so not much to talk about.

So what does this all mean? There is the old saying that "no news is good news", and that could very well be applied here but anything still remains possible for fans of the Cosmos and NYC Major League Soccer expansion.

The Cosmos do continue to be active in the social media world and hopefully the brain trust is hard at work with the City and Don Garber to get a deal done. If you really think about it, the Cosmos really only have one more promise to fulfill.

- They said they were going to launch a clothing line, and they have
-They said they were going to have "inspirational" matches, and they have

So now, the only thing left is to finalize a team in Major League Soccer, which is of course, the most challenging.

As for the Wilpon Family, they have not said anything about a MLS team in a long time, but they are always mentioned as potential candidates. The question for them is what capacity they will play as every time they have been mentioned, the league Commissioner always adds a drooling comment over their land. Right now the Wilpon Family is in the midst of a baseball season, but as the Mets' season comes to a close (and with no playoffs), you wonder if they will start talking about their soccer ambitions again.

There silence on all fronts is scaring fans and it is understandable, but in this case there is not much to be concerned about. Behind the scenes, there are people hard at work trying to move forward and get a deal done and unless Garber says otherwise, you have to imagine they will do just that.

The only thing fans should be concerned about is that it seems that the 2013 or 2014 looks more and more challenging as the days go on.

Cmon you Mos! Come on Garber! GIT ER DONE!