31 May 2011



Congratulations are in order for the Brooklyn Italians as they have qualified into the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.The Italians beat FC Sonic Lehigh Valley 2-1 this past weekend to advance.

Good Luck Italians!




This is not just a post for Borough Boys but for soccer fans all over the country. 

Many fans are frustrated with the corruption at FIFA and many have asked what we can do to help.We encourage all soccer fans to reach out to Sunil Gulati and ask him to abstain from the vote this Wednesday and speak out against the corruption. Perhaps delaying the vote can allow either for a proper investigation or another candidate to enter the race.

[email protected]

Some of the Borough Boys have had success in reaching out to Mr. Gulati.

27 May 2011

Kemsley in Vancouver


Recently, Cosmos Chariman and CEO Paul Kemsley was at Empire Field in Vancouver to take in a Whitecaps game. During his stay, he met up with Whitecaps Ambassador Carl Valentine to discuss the happenings of the Cosmos. Below are some quotes from the video.

When asked what is going on:
"Had Eric Cantona in New York with me training our PDL side" 

"Talking at length with MLS and working on our stadium solution"

When asked about the buzz:
 "I think we had something like 1.4 billion ipressions on the internet. And both the New York Cosmos and Cantona were the number 1 tweeting trends when we announced Cantona's appointment""

When asked if he is happy with the way negotiations are going:
"Yea, I cant complain, we're exactly where we wanted to be at this point of time"

Paul later jokes that he must not be doing so bad if he has an all access path granted from the league.

There will be a lot of speculation as to why Kemsley was in Vancouver checking out the stadiums, but it has to be positive.

With Garber talking of the Cosmos recently and Kemsley's words here, you have to conclude that things are moving along. This has been a tiring ride but signs are positive that it might end favorably.

Patience is a virtue, even in Cosmos Country.

26 May 2011



Don Garber has spoken about expansion again, this time at the AT&T Sports Franchises and Facilities conference, hosted by SBJ/SBD.

Q: Next year MLS will welcome a team in Montreal, which is the league’s 19th club. You have publicly said you support growth. What markets appear best for growth?

Garber: We are focused on New York. It’s a big market. The Cosmos have a great legacy and they have a great soccer history that so far the Red Bulls have not been able to tap into. For the most part Red Bulls fans come from New Jersey. The challenge for [the Cosmos] is to build a stadium, and as we all know New York City is not the easiest place to build. And we’ve put a high price on the 20th team. In 2007 we were asking around $7 million, and last year [teams] sold for $40 million. This could be in the $75 to $100 million [range]. 

Q: Is the Wilpon family still a viable option for MLS given their recent negative press?

Garber: We have talked with [the Wilpons] about MLS. They have a good situation when it comes to stadiums in the site around Citi Field. Willets Point is one of the largest pieces of undeveloped property in New York. 

Nothing new in terms of information but it is interesting that he was very quick to speak about the Cosmos. It almost seems from this quote that the Cosmos are the front runner to be that New York City franchise. 

Lets hope that the price of this franchise is closer to the $75 he mentioned. We understand the need for income into the league, but when you start talking about figures of $100 million, there stands a good chance that the fee will trickle down to ticket prices. 

The Wilpon quote seems to emphasize a point that  we have spoken about in the past. Despite many rumors out there, we do not feel the Wilpon family will be a minority owner in the Cosmos, but rather be involved in the facility, which in the long term, will generate lots of income. Think Concerts! 

With the Gold Cup, a soccer game at Citi Field and Cosmos U-23 friendlies, this next month should be an entertaining one. Lets not even start to think of July and the Cosmos Copa! 

25 May 2011



19 May 2011



Get your tickets to the inaugural soccer game at Citi Field 

Messing joins Cosmos

Earlier today, this site talked about Shep Messing on WFAN discussing the relaunch of the Cosmos. Some were confused why Shep, who covers Redbull games for MSG, would be talking about the faith he had in the Cosmos return. Any confusion should be cleared up now as on the latest episode of  MLS Extra Time Radio Messing says that tomorrow the Cosmos will announce him as an international ambassador.

Sorry ladies, Shep will not be posting nude this time.

During the hour long show Simon Borg asks Messing straight out "And Shep, you would not be joining if the Cosmos were not coming back"

Messing responded saying "Well guys, you said it, I didnt"

Shep goes on to discuss the faith he has in the Cosmos group and mentions how Don Garber even stated the importance of having the Cosmos name back.

Welcome aboard Shep!



Only a New Yorker can really appreciate the importance of hearing about soccer on WFAN radio. Today on the Boomer and Carton show, Shep Messing went on to talk about his days with the Cosmos and a bit about the relaunch.

Most of the interview focuses on the past days with Pele and mingling with superstars at Studio 54, however, Messing took the time to offer a bit of insight about what is to come.

"Now is the time for the New York Cosmos to come back."

"Whats going to happen, I believe, The New York Cosmos name and team has been bought. They are negotiating, with Major League Soccer, with the City of New York, and with the politicians to build a stadium."

This is not new news, and Boomer and Carton did cut him a bit short but soccer fans in New York City should take this for what it really is. A step in the right direction.

On a day when both the Mets and Yankees are coming off wins, time was taken out on WFAN to talk about soccer.

16 May 2011

Hedging your Bets

Over at the MLS website; I was reading on the "Kick Off" that Don Garber was in talks with local political leaders in the city of Las Vegas. So upon further query I clicked on the article from the Las Vegas Sun to seek further interest into this very announcement. Why do you ask?

Well my answer to this question is another question; is this the same Don Garber who just a week ago was talking about the great state of Minnesota being one of the leading candidates for expansion? (Your wondering why I said state and not city? 1 in 4 Minnesotans lives in the Hennapin county and 3 in 4 live in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area; so basically the whole state is where the stadium is going to be.) So I was really curious as to what in the world great commissioner Don Garber, leader of the American soccer movement and ambassador to the world's game was going to tell Las Vegas. But to my surprise the article does more to talk about the development of the stadiums and arenas and does less to talk about the league and its teams. Even more so at the end it states this little ditty that might put most of you at ease and certainly made me feel better especially after I was shot down by a girl again this past weekend.

Still a long way to go: The bill has to pass -- and that is far from certain,
although Garber's calls may help. And then MLS has to agree to site a franchise
here. And Milam, who has put down money to buy the 51s, still has to prove he's
for real to some people.

So for right now this whole situation means nothing unless the bill passes, the developer shows the tax payers he's real, and the league says yes to expansion here. Plus if you add time here it might take three to five years for all of this to happen and in that context it might be more viable to move Chivas USA then to expand via a new franchise. Only time will tell but I wouldn't bet on LV unless you are at the Casinos.

13 May 2011

MLS in Minnesota? The Plot Thickens


Major League Soccer has recently confirmed that there is contact with a group in Minnesota to potentially bring a franchise to the twin cities.

The Wilf family, who are the owners of the Minnesota Vikings, want to put a team in the Vikings proposed new stadium in Arden Hills, which is about 7 miles outside of downtown Minneapolis. This stadium plan is not completed though as legislators are opposed to the project because the local county would have to impose taxes to pay its share. So while MLS speaks of its intentions,  it appears that there is going to be a game of tug of war with the stadium.

Is it something to worry about? Of course! Look, it is almost June 2011 and there is still no public stadium plan in New York City. The league and New York Cosmos state that they continue to work with the city on a stadium solution, which is positive news, but until all the details are finalized, nothing is certain.

There also exists the possibility that Major League Soccer has come public with this to motivate all involved to get something done in New York. There is a bit of grandstanding going on between the league and the Cosmos and this a way for the league to make the statement "we have options".

The plot thickens in the chase for the 20th MLS expansion spot.

11 May 2011

5 Points Press: May Issue


The latest issue of the 5 Points Press Magazine: An online soccer Journal for NYC Soccer supporters is out.

06 May 2011

Cosmos vs. Ocean City


According to Ocean City FC, the Cosmos and Nor'Easters will be playing a home and home series this summer with the first game taking place June 8th in New York City and the Jersey leg being played on July 6th.

It appears the New York leg will be played at Columbia University, which with public transportation and pubs nearby, will a great venue to enjoy a match at.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

04 May 2011

Cosmos in PDL


The New York Cosmos are joining the PDL. Announced today, the U-23 side will be playing a limited exhibition schedule in 2011 and then becoming a full member in 2012.

This was one of the topics spoken about at the Q and A with The Borough Boys in March and the promise has been delivered. While they will only be playing limited exhibition games this year and not be eligible for major competition, it will offer a great opportunity for the Cosmos academy to get some time against the experienced PDL teams.

“We are excited to be a part of the USL family and are putting forth the dedication and resources necessary at every level within our organization to rebuild The New York Cosmos in the right away,” 

This is a good step for the Cosmos as it should further silence critics who feel they are only interested in branding as now the Cosmos not only have produced an academy on both costs, they are now amember of the USL family. 

The fans also can capitalize on this as not only can they go and watch the Cosmos in action locally but they can also practice some songs and chants.

There is no word yet on where the team will play home matches

01 May 2011

FCNY drop home opener


On a beautiful Saturday night in Queens, FC New York lost their first ever home game in front of a solid crowd at Belson Stadium.     

The opponent was the Lions of Orlando City, and while supporters joked towards the Lions that their city is dominated by a 6 foot mouse, Orlando came out the hungrier side.  FCNY's lackluster play resulted in Orlando taking control of the game and going ahead in the 13th minute on a header by Lawrence Olum. The Lions took the 1-0 lead into the dressing room.

While the FCNY play improved after the break, Orlando still had control of the game. However, in the 54th, Owen Morrison took advantage of bad defense by the Lions to chip in a cheeky equalizer. It was FCNY's first ever home goal for you trivia buffs.

Orlando, who really never lost control of the game, got the winner in the 81st minute as Lewis Neal bent a free kick around the FCNY wall and into the net. In celebration, Neal and some of his teammates signaled the main stand to silence which resulted in jeers by the home crowd. The last laugh was had by Orlando as when the final whistle blew, the scoreboard read Orlando 2, New York 1.  

FCNY are now 0-2-1 in their inaugural campaign, but one has to imagine as the season moves forward, so will the play of the upstart franchise.

The loss could not get in the way of the festive evening for President Doug Peterson, who was seen greeting supporters all evening with a smile.

For those looking for a "live footie fix" in the area, FCNY are definitely worth a look and with season tickets start at only $108 it will not strain the wallet.

FCNY next hosts Harrisburg this coming Saturday at 7:30pm at Belson.