19 May 2011


Only a New Yorker can really appreciate the importance of hearing about soccer on WFAN radio. Today on the Boomer and Carton show, Shep Messing went on to talk about his days with the Cosmos and a bit about the relaunch.

Most of the interview focuses on the past days with Pele and mingling with superstars at Studio 54, however, Messing took the time to offer a bit of insight about what is to come.

"Now is the time for the New York Cosmos to come back."

"Whats going to happen, I believe, The New York Cosmos name and team has been bought. They are negotiating, with Major League Soccer, with the City of New York, and with the politicians to build a stadium."

This is not new news, and Boomer and Carton did cut him a bit short but soccer fans in New York City should take this for what it really is. A step in the right direction.

On a day when both the Mets and Yankees are coming off wins, time was taken out on WFAN to talk about soccer.


Roy said...

The captions said "in Queens". Im deaf so I was reading the captions to get what Shep was saying so, he DID, in FACT, mentioned new stadium in QUEENS.

Im not sure if you heard it or not, but captioned states it so, but again, captions are prone to make mistakes. I know because I have experienced lipreading on tv and watching captions. Sometime mistakes are make and thats the nature of business