26 July 2011

Garber again on the state of NY expansion

Don Garber spoke this week with the NJ Star Ledger and was asked again about possible expansion in the NYC area:

"The Red Bulls have a very European focus to how they do business and believe a rivalry will be good for them rather than viewing it as competition. And they’re working with us to move that process along. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get a stadium done. We’re working closely with Mayor Bloomberg’s office, the City of New York and potential investors, but we’re very hopeful that we can have a 20th team in New York. Our next expansion team."

As promising at it sounds, it seems to be the same generic answers Garber gives anytime the same question is asked. Perhaps this time however, the news of actually "working" with the City of New York and Bloomberg could signal steps have been made in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

even though that bastards statements are always the same and generic its always great news to hear when Garber keeps refering to Cosmos as the next club. gives me hope. my only concern is whether Cosmos will accept the terms of the single entity structure (damn that structure to hell). i dont think as much as Cosmos is a potential cash cow for MLS, they will bend the rules alittle for cosmos although maybe, just maybe, cosmos is the exception. sadly, i highly doubt it. but partiy or no parity i want cosmos in 2013!!