26 September 2011

PK no longer involved?

Jack Bell, who is both a great soccer writer and a credible source of information used twitter today to reveal some interesting news about the Cosmos. His post was:

" JackBell 
I hear that Englishman Paul Kemsley is out at the Cosmos, as in bought out by his investor group from Saudi Arabia."

The Cosmos have not said much in the past month and a half and now this. As imagined, this news has fans completely confused. Fans are asking what this means for the Cosmos and MLS.

It was always known that Paul Kemsley was seeking foreign investment, and there was a lot of speculation that there was a Saudi investment group involved, but it is a surprise to see that Kemsley was completely bought out.

There is a lot of money in that region of the world, so this can actually be a very positive development for the financing of a NYC team. If this group has been involved with Kemsley, then they are fully aware of the costs of this venture. They know the costs of a stadium in the city and they know about Garber's 100 Million price tag, so this action has to mean this group has the financial power to finish the job.

The roller coaster ride continues.

25 September 2011

Foreign Investment - Proof and more speculation

This interesting tidbit was brought to our attention on by an anonymous user on the BigSoccer message boards.

It would seem that the law firm that assisted with getting Pele his work visa in the US, has also represented foreign investors in their acquisition of a 50% interest in the New York Cosmos. This was in September 2010, which was about a month or so after Pele announced at Flushing Meadows Park that the New York Cosmos were back.

So it seems there is foreign investment in the Cosmos and now the fans will wonder who.

Please do not forget to send us your letters for the Cosmos or Garber so we can publish the next edition of our Online Soccer Magazine. The submission deadline is Friday.

23 September 2011

Have your say!



Do you have a letter you would like to write for the Cosmos? Would you like to tell them how badly you want his team? Do you want to write a letter to Commissioner Garber? Do you want to tell him to pick the Cosmos? Do you want to tell him to not charge 100 Million?

here is your chance. Our next edition of our Soccer Fanzine is going to be all about the fans. We want the fans to voice there opinion.

Please send your letter to [email protected] and we will publish it in our next edition.

Deadline is Friday, September 30th.

22 September 2011

The NYC Kit-League Table (Week 2)


After two weeks of keeping track of every single soccer logo I see, I'm starting to learn a few things. Some neighborhoods love soccer jerseys a lot more than others. In just two trips to Spanish Harlem I came across seven different soccer badges and shockingly they were from 5 different countries. Meanwhile countless trips into the Upper East Side have only produced 5 badges and 4 of those belong to Barca. I've also learned that If two big clubs play each other then fans of those teams are way more likely to wear their soccer kit around town. United and Chelsea both had huge weeks for this reason. I spotted 4 Man U and 3 Chelsea jerseys on Sunday alone compared to just 1 each the previous week when they played West Brom and Stoke respectively. The third interesting thing I can take away from this study is that for whatever reason Thursdays are the slowest in terms of people showing support for their clubs, in two weeks only one solitary point has been scored on a Thursday. Lets take a look at the bottom of our table...

Not too much to point out here but I was surprised to see the German National Team represented in Spanish Harlem of all places. I also had to look up both Toluca and ULD Quito after seeing their logos but not knowing the name of either club. Then there is Red Bull NY who saved an entire country from the embarrassment of being shut out on home turf. We went the first 6 days and 11 hours of this week without seeing a single American team get on the board until a Red Bull NY cap was seen in the dying moments of the week. (that also puts them in 2nd place among NY area clubs) Lets move on to the top ten...

United, Chivas, Barca, and Chelsea have established themselves as the Big four in this competition and I'd bet against anyone beside the Mexican NT cracking the top four from here on out. That said United takes 1st thanks to the big match with Chelsea and a grown man in a suit wearing a Utd back pack. Chivas and Barca each have another solid week and are early favorites to be the most consistent clubs. In the highest position for any club making its first appearance in the table, it's 6th place Inter Milan with the help of an awful chinatown bootleg jersey(1 pt). In 8th place is the Mexican NT which prevented a clean sheet with a hideous bootleg jersey of their own (all jerseys deemed to be bootleg are considered t-shirts and worth 1 point.) Cosmos, Pumas, and Atletico all got shut out this week but still barely hold on to top ten spots.

As for next week, I need to figure out exactly how to cut the teams down so that we don't have a table of forty teams. hmmm somebody might have to be relegated...

20 September 2011

Site Identified?


Talksport radio is a fantastic spot for EPL fans to get news and information on the league as well as other aspects of sports in Europe and even sport in the Untied States. 

They did an interview today with ESPN's Mark Donaldson and on that interview Mr. Donaldson said that he has spoken to Shep Messing and that the Cosmos are desperately trying to get into MLS around 2014 and the big quote from Mr. Donaldson is that "They have identified a site up in Queens in New York"

Click here for the Audio and start listening around 3:10

This conversation is all started because they are speculating about David Beckham's future. Donaldson said the Cosmos are looking for investment and Beckham would be a perfect fit. 

The news here that they possibly identified a final stadium spot in Queens.

Could New York, New York beat out NYC?


Moves are being made on a stadium plan and New York, New York could see soccer fans soon. Problem is, its the New York, New York resort in Las Vegas.

Chris Milam is aggressively moving forward with a plan to build a sports complex not far from the Mandalay Bay resort that would include stadium for a Major League Soccer side.

The reports are that the stadium could be ready by 2014 and while Major League Soccer has said they are almost daily speaking to ownership groups in New York City, the fans are uneasy and news like this will make them even more so. 

Fact of the matter is, Vegas is moving forward on a stadium, the one element that seems to be holding New York City back. 

19 September 2011

NY Will Cost 100 Million


Well, Don Garber has confirmed that a New York City expansion team will cost 100 Million Dollars.

At halftime of this past weekends Red Bull-FC Dallas game, Garber was asked about expansion and he once again emphasised that the focus is on New York City for 20th spot, and once again mentioned that there are more than one groups interested.

Here are the comments we got from  Daily Soccer Fix.

 “We never said we were aggressively trying to go anywhere, including aggressively trying to pursue a 20th team. We’d like to have a 20thteam. We’d like that team to be in New York and we’re gonna work hard to try to make that happen. At some point after that, we’ll expand at the right time. We have no number in our mind as to how many teams that will be. At the right time, we’ll make those decisions.”
Garber said the league has had “recent discussions” with Las Vegas and Minneapolis, and just a little further back with Miami. They are in “almost daily” discussions with more than one group in New York.
Garber also added

“We have put a $100 million price tag on a New York team. We haven’t sold it to anybody yet … but I don’t believe the fact that we haven’t closed a deal has anything to do with price.”

The writer of this story feels that the Cosmos are not ready for the prime time, but clearly none of these groups are ready as none of them have a stadium plan in place. 

So, whichever of these groups gets selected by Garber, is expected to have a long term stadium plan in place, and that means that they will need to pay 300-500 Million for a Stadium and another 100 Million for expansion. 

To go back on our post from yesterday, many fans are frustrated with the Cosmos for their silence, but today,  fans should also be upset with Garber. This price tag will ultimately and understandably find its way into your ticket prices. 

The Saga continues but one thing is for sure, New York City is closer to getting a soccer team. A very damn expensive one too.  

18 September 2011

The Fans are getting restless


The best part about this fan movement is that I talk to fans around the world about their Cosmos memories and thoughts on what could be again. Recent interactions have shown that despite deep affection for the club, the fans can still get frustrated.

It has been over a month since the Cosmos took the field at Old Trafford for the Paul Scholes Testimonial match and it has also been over a month since the Cosmos have said anything about their push for Major League Soccer.

It is clear to all fans just how big of a challenge the Cosmos have in front of them. Building a stadium in New York City is a big ask politically and financially.  We get what the Cosmos are up against for sure.    

We were pleased when, just recently, Major League Soccer President Mark Abbott said that New York City is still the focus of the league and they want the 20th team to be here. But until there is a concrete plan, the chance still exists that everything can fall apart and MLS can go to either Minnesota, Vegas, or Detroit for that much coveted spot.

The Cosmos remain active in their interaction with fans.  They recently had a scarf contest where supporters submitted designs, to be the club’s first official scarf. For sure this is a great little sign that the Cosmos will not ignore the most important element of any soccer team, the fans.

While fans will enjoy the scarf competition, let’s face it, it does nothing to stanch the flow of questions that all boil down to these:  What’s with the stadium and when are we joining MLS?

The New York City franchise will have the most passionate fans, and the most demanding.  There are some fans who have been supporting New York City soccer since the Centaurs played on Randalls Island, and they have heard the talk of a top flight team in the city for many years, so for them, the silence speaks volumes.  They have heard the rumors of NYC soccer, only for it all to go silent again.  Is this just another false hope?

With the MLS heading into the final stretch, topics such as expansion normally start to come up, especially around the MLS Cup in November.  But do fans want to wait that long? The longer they wait for news, the more 2013 looks like a pipe dream. We have heard the timeline of 6-8 months, but many are wondering that come January, will we hear 6-8 months again.

The fans will tire soon of the announcements about Soccer celebrities and clothing lines, the Cosmos will lose their momentum with the fans without some concrete plans being announced soon.

Fans are hopeful, fans are ready to wear this club on their sleeves, but fans want updates and answers and they want them now.

15 September 2011

The NYC Kit-League Table (Week 1)


If you're anything like me then soccer gear catches your eye, and in NYC there is a lot of it. So I decided to start keeping track of what I see in order to determine which club's crest is most prominent in my New York. I say "my New York" because I can't be everywhere and frankly I don't have the patience to organize a study that involves every neighborhood in every borough. Seeing as I have a big competitive spirit I felt it only appropriate to put this information into league style tables or standings as we Americans know them. I also wanted to give the table a soccer feel so I decided the most expensive pieces of soccer paraphernalia (Jackets and Jerseys) would be worth 3 points while everything else (Hats, T-shirts, Scarves, etc) would be worth one point. That's the basic idea, but I did add some necessary rules in order to make the information meaningful, fair, and countable.

The first rule is that the article of clothing must have the official crest or logo of the Club or National Team on it. This is in fairness to smaller clubs and leagues I don't follow, because although I would easily a recognize a red United shirt with Rooney's face on it I might not as easily recognize a Red Bull shirt with Rooney's face on it. Another very important rule is that what I wear doesn't count, otherwise USA, Cosmos and Blackburn Rovers would hold the top spots, and clearly that wouldn't tell us anything about NYC and instead we would all know what I wore that week. The third important rule is that when I go to a soccer pub or a live soccer match (both of which I did on Saturday) any shirts seen on the way to the event or at the event don't count. So now that you know how it works I present to you the first weeks' NYC Kit-League table.

I'm not at all surprised that a Mexican team tops our standings, and I'm even less surprised that it's Chivas. Some notable teams that didn't make the table the first week include Real Madrid, Club America and sadly the USMNT. I do expect all three of those teams as well as the big English clubs that haven't made it yet to put a dent in the table before we get to deep into the "season." The fact that NY Cosmos is the only team besides Chivas that I saw more than once speaks to the power of marketing. Believe it or not I'm actually not shocked that Seattle has mad it onto the list already as the only MLS club, I think I see more Seattle gear around New York then anyone except for Red Bull.

I'd also like to address the potential one hit wonders in the table, Celta Vigo, Besiktas, and Blackburn Rovers. Celta Vigo is probably lucky I even recognized their badge as it took me two or three minutes before the clubs name popped into my head. Besiktas counts as a one hit wonder because although they are the 3rd biggest team in Istanbul there just isn't a big Turkish population in the United States. (at least compared to the other countries seen on the list.) Blackburn Rovers come in at a familiar position sitting on a familiar amount of points. One point and the foot of the table. Also allow me to point out that Rovers are only there because I ran into a friend of mine who was wearing his Rovers t-shirt at the time, I almost feel guilty putting my favorite club in for that reason, but rules are rules.

I'm excited to see how these numbers grow as I feel this was a slow week and I didn't get out of Queens as much as I would have liked, but I'm also dreading the day the Mexican National Team plays a game. Until next time put on your favorite teams' shirt and be seen.

12 September 2011

Abbott: New York still focus

There was an interesting story on AOL Sporting News today about MLS expansion and while the focus of the story was if Major League Soccer should expand beyond 20 teams, there was talk about the Cosmos and New York City. MLS President Mark Abbott had this to say:

“Our focus right now is the 20th team in New York and we have not yet set a timeline for expansion beyond that, or even (determined) if we’re going to expand beyond that,” 

We have heard this time and time again, but with the challenges of putting a team in New York City, every time a member of the league comes out and states this, fans should breath a little easier. Remember, the harder the challenges, the higher the risk of it falling apart.

The story also includes a comment from Terry Byrne, which was made back in June. 

“On a level of 1 to 10, we’re at a 4 — 10 being in the MLS, a stadium, up and running with an all-singing, all-dancing team. I think we’re just about to hit 4,” Byrne said, adding that he 
expects to significant progress over the next couple of months.

 So if in June we were at Step 4, where do you think we are now?

It should be noted that the story states that the Cosmos have the financial backing to build a stadium. This is important as there are a lot of naysayers out there who question the financial stability of the group.

Fans are losing patience as they want news on the MLS push. Lets just hope that amid this recent silence, legs were in motion and a few more steps climbed. 

01 September 2011

Quiet for a while

Well, it has been a while since there has been an update on this site and there are really two reasons for that.

1) My personal life was very full. Between the day job and other things going on, it has been a hectic time. I apologize but hey, everyone needs a little time off - right?

2) There really has been no news as to what is going on with the Cosmos so not much to talk about.

So what does this all mean? There is the old saying that "no news is good news", and that could very well be applied here but anything still remains possible for fans of the Cosmos and NYC Major League Soccer expansion.

The Cosmos do continue to be active in the social media world and hopefully the brain trust is hard at work with the City and Don Garber to get a deal done. If you really think about it, the Cosmos really only have one more promise to fulfill.

- They said they were going to launch a clothing line, and they have
-They said they were going to have "inspirational" matches, and they have

So now, the only thing left is to finalize a team in Major League Soccer, which is of course, the most challenging.

As for the Wilpon Family, they have not said anything about a MLS team in a long time, but they are always mentioned as potential candidates. The question for them is what capacity they will play as every time they have been mentioned, the league Commissioner always adds a drooling comment over their land. Right now the Wilpon Family is in the midst of a baseball season, but as the Mets' season comes to a close (and with no playoffs), you wonder if they will start talking about their soccer ambitions again.

There silence on all fronts is scaring fans and it is understandable, but in this case there is not much to be concerned about. Behind the scenes, there are people hard at work trying to move forward and get a deal done and unless Garber says otherwise, you have to imagine they will do just that.

The only thing fans should be concerned about is that it seems that the 2013 or 2014 looks more and more challenging as the days go on.

Cmon you Mos! Come on Garber! GIT ER DONE!