19 October 2011

Fans still waiting for more answers

In response to Don Garber's recent comments that the Cosmos no longer in the mix for the MLS NYC franchise, the Cosmos Front office released a statement saying that they are "willing to work with other investors."

While it was nice to hear something out of the Cosmos camp, fans still have a lot of questions and concerns that this statement did not answer.

Many are dying to know what is going on internally at the Cosmos as there is still that rumor lingering that Paul Kemsley has sold out to foreign investors.

We understand that the Cosmos are a private organization and changes at the top do not need to be announced in public. However, the fact remains that they are aspiring to be a professional sports organization, they should be behooved to act like one. Like any professional franchise, fans want to know what is going on with the team they have emotionally and financially invested in.

Take a glance at the Cosmos Facebook page, you will see fans expressing their anger. Some have expressed thos in a mild manner while others in a more colorful tone. From a financial standpoint, many of these fans ran out in the past year and spent their hard earned money on gear for the team that promised top flight by 2013. Now, with that date looking less likely, fans are asking for updates and sadly not getting a response.

However, this is not time to jump off the Cosmos bridge. If we've learned anything from past expansion history is there will be more twists in this story before the final chapter is written. In the meantime, fans have every right to question. They question out of anger, out of frustration but most of all, question out of passion.

At this point, there's no reason to point our fingers solely at the Cosmos as Don Garber is not really being open and honest with fans as well. He speaks of mysterious investors who refuse to be mentioned at this time.
Who's to say that Garber is using the fans emotions to get leverage from expansion groups such as the Cosmos. Also, are the Wilpon's still going to be somehow involved in this?

Perhaps all these big decision makers should be reminded of words from the great European Cup winning Celtic coach Jock Stein "Football without fans is nothing".


Dcn Joseph Suaiden said...

I hope this Nassau thing isn't serious.