28 June 2011

Soccer in the Boroughs


Banned in Belson


All, with the big US OPEN CUP match between Red Bull New York and FC New York, it should be publicly stated why The Borough Boys CAN’T come out in full support for the local side.

Earlier this year, some of our members started attending FC New York matches and supported the local side in their inaugural season. We had a group of members out to the first two home matches, and plans were on the way for a big event surrounding the memorial day match against the Rhinos. We had at least 30 members going and up to 50 ready to pay for tickets and enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

However, after the second match, we were informed by a 3rd party that FC New York banned us from their matches.

24 June 2011



Here is the lineup for the 2011 Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival:

Wednesday, July 20, 7:30 pm
FEATURE: Argentina Futbol Club (Argentina), dir. Juan Pablo Roubio
SHORT: Sivan (Israel), dir. Zohar Elefant
SHORT: Opprykk (Promotion) (Norway), dir. Jan Ingar Grindheim

Thursday, July 21, 7:30 pm
FEATURE: Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story (USA), dir. Nick Lewis, Ranko Tutulugdzija
SHORT: Gareth Bale and El Clasico animations (UK), dir. Richard Swarbrick
SHORT: Blind Ambition (UK), dir. Christopher Bridger

Friday, July 22, 7:30 pm
FEATURE: Soka Afrika (France), dir. Suridh Hassan
SHORT: The Final Fax (Germany), dir. Nico Raschick

Saturday, Jul
y 23, 7:30 pm
FEATURE: Match 64 (South Africa), dir. Daniel Gordon
SHORT: Rattskiparen (The Referee) (Sweden), dir. Mattias Low

For tickets, please visit http://www.kickingandscreening.com/

23 June 2011



But in case you don't

Jack Demsesys
36 West 33rd Street
(Between 5th and Broadway)

Saturday Night June 25th at 9:00pm

21 June 2011

A whimper and a Cy Donnely


South Huntington, NY

On and nice and mild Tuesday night at Cy Donnelly Field, future PDLers the New York Cosmos took on a PDL giant who is undefeated in the current season, the Long Island Rough Riders. The Riders who at one time were the only semi-professional side in the tri-state area were looking to make quick work of the city kids who were going with the hopes of leaving with a draw.

After the first whistle the Cosmos had a lion's share of the possessions with some very good build up work with little results in the final third. But as with anything the Rough Riders grit and physicality started slowly wearing the Mos' down. Number 11 Adriano Gabriel kept constantly making some key passes and the team's striker Keith Detelj put heavy pressure on the backline allowing for a breakaway chance to be thwarted by two unbelievable diving saves by the Cosmos' goalie. But with any hard work it normally pays off and in the 40th minute after two questionable falls in the box by Detelj the third paid off as the Cosmos defender made some contact while taking an awkward angle at the ball only to be met with a fall by Detelj and a penalty convert by Adriano Gabriel.

In the second half more woes came for the Cosmos as Detelj converted a chance the came off a broken play on a clearing attempt. Detelj found himself all alone and river danced himself around the keeper to find the back of the nylon. The third goal came shortly after that as the Riders put up some nice passing with Adriano Gabriel finding some room to pass to the open Dominik Sarle who converted his chance without an after taste. The final move was one of brilliance by the man of the match Adriano Gabriel who took the ball and ballistic missiled it over the short side of the goalie. So perfect a placement that the Air Force is looking into having Gabriel train pilots on where to drop their payloads. With the game all but one the Riders took off Gabriel and Detelj and with that came more fluidity by the Cosmos.

In the 72nd they had a chance on goal only to be denied by the extended hands of Thomas Booth. In the 84th they had an unmarked header in the box which the best chance of the match only for the striker to harmlessly miss it high, wide, and not very Fabio. The game finished with a scoreline of 4-0 and while it looked like a blowout the Cosmos possessed the ball well but fell short of the killer instinct to finish; something the Rough Riders did well. In the gist of things it was a nice night out with the weather but a game that seemed from the minute the Cosmos lost the ball to one that was going to be an epic blowout. With a year of learning however, the Cosmos should bring it all in their first full season in PDL.

16 June 2011

Cosmos Copa Previews: Team Kosovo

The World Cup happens once every four years for most soccer fans, but luckily, for New Yorkers, it happens every summer in our own back yard. 

Saturday morning, qualification for the 2011 edition of the Cosmos Copa will take place and we decided to partake in the festivities by profiling teams participating.

The beauty of New York is that you don't have to go very far to experience different culture from around the world, so our preview focuses not on the soccer, but rather on how to truly experience the cultures of the tournament.

Team Kosovo will be appearing in its first ever Copa Cosmos and we caught up with Team President Zef Kabashi who shared some insight on the team and its culture.
  • Team Name: Kosovo
  • Team Nickname: Kosovars
  • Player to watch and why: Burat Lajqi - quality passer, heart of the team; strong leadership; focused. Berat Islami - skillful on the ball and fast; tireless work rate.
  • Type of Soccer Formation: 1-4-1-3-2
  • Community Team is based from: Bronx
  • Best Alcoholic Beverage from your Country: Birra Peja
 You can Follow Team Kosovo on Facebook by clicking here

The Cosmos Copa Previews can be found on all 5 Points Media websites: www.thisiscosmoscountry.com; www.latinosports.com; www.totalfootblog.com ; www.bleacherreport.com

Cosmos Copa Previews: Team Sweden

The World Cup happens once every four years for most soccer fans, but luckily, for New Yorkers, it happens every summer in our own back yard. 

Saturday morning, qualification for the 2011 edition of the Cosmos Copa will take place and we decided to partake in the festivities by profiling teams participating.

The beauty of New York is that you don't have to go very far to experience different culture from around the world, so our preview focuses not on the soccer, but rather on how to truly experience the cultures of the tournament.

Team Sweden will be appearing in its first ever Copa Cosmos and we caught up with Team President Andreas Lindberg who shared some insight on the team and its culture.
  • Team Name: Sweden
  • Player to watch and why: Sebastian Alvarado (captain) and John Salhag (goalscorer)
  • Type of Soccer Formation: 4-4-2 or 4-3-3
  • Community Team is based from: Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Best place to go for a meal in their Community: Aqvavit and FIKA
  • Best Alcoholic Beverage from your Country: Absolut Vodka and Skane Aqvavit 
You can follow Team Sweden on Facebook by clicking here.

    The Cosmos Copa Previews can be found on all 5 Points Media websites: www.thisiscosmoscountry.com; www.latinosports.com; www.totalfootblog.com ; www.bleacherreport.com

    USOC: NY Pancyprian Freedoms v Brooklyn Italians


    It was a rainy night in at Belson Stadium, as the New York Pancyprian Freedoms battled their long-time rivals the Brooklyn Italians. With a combined ten open cup championships between the both of them, this was the most decorated first round match between any two clubs in the history of the cup.

    The wet and blustery weather didn't stop the Pancyprian supporters from almost filling the grandstand at Belson as the rivalry even brought Brooklyn supporters into the stadium.

    With everything on the line this match was roughly contested with both clubs struggling to hold steady possession due to the wet conditions and and tight defensive marking. In the end it came down to the showing of individual skill from the former Chicago Fire forward Stefan Dimitrov, which proved to be the difference in this rivalry as his brace was enough to take the Freedoms over the Brooklyn Italians 2-1.

    It was a close match overall with all of the goals coming in the second half, starting in the 65th minute with the former USL player Julio Cesar Dos Santos putting a cross into the box for the Bulgarian to latch onto to put the Freedom up 1-0.

    The game was equalized and the home crowd was silenced in the 80th minute as Kordel Samuel put the ball in the back net after capitalizing on a spell of good chances for the Brooklyn club to level the match at 1-1.

    Celebrations for the away fans didn't last, as one minute later the Freedoms found themselves in the lead again. Dimitri putting home a cross from Stelios Andreou to give Pancyprian the winning goal in the 81st minute, 2-1. The Freedoms closed up shop in the end preserving their one goal advantage to take them into the next round of the US Open Cup.

    These New York derbies could become more regular in the USOC’ as the Freedoms move on to host their newest rival FC New York in what would be a turf war as both clubs are co-tenants in the stadium. The winner of the second round becomes the representative for New York City as the third round could see them pitted against the Harrison, New Jersey club the Red Bulls when the MLS teams enter the tournament. The second round begins on June 21st.

    12 June 2011

    New Issue of 5 Points Press!

    News and opinion on the New York City Soccer scene.

    09 June 2011

    Motor City Madness

    This post's opinions and views reflect that of the Author and not of "This is Cosmos Country" or of the New York Cosmos. Is intended as both entertainment and informative type in the hope of following US Soccer and seeing and traveling in cities that are as American as MLS and the Cosmos. With the hope of informing the reader as a future fan of the Cosmos on what to expect when visiting other MLS cities to follow your 'mos and showing the passion and joy that is being an Ameican Outlaw and traveling to support your team club or country across this great sovereign nation of the United States. This is Part One of the Author's adventure to the great city of Detroit which chronicles how he got there.

    I work up the morning of June the 5th better than I thought. I thought I would be waking to feel myself severely hung over after the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed at the game the day before. Now it makes sense why that was the case; the US lost to Spain by a scoreline of 4-0 but more importantly it was a loss that was cherry-topped by that lovable Fernando Torres scoring a goal and boosting his confidence for club and country. Smooth, real smooth America but I'll forgive you, after all I'm America till I die right; DTOT is what the kids say now? No seriously it amazes me how I can go out the night before I travel and get more diluted than the Ganges and yet still be able to sober up the next morning and be ready for a long 15 hour train ride to a city that is considered one of the "Dangerous in America" all in the love of supporting a team that was demolished the day before. Now how I know those traveling Washington General fans feel.

    But in the whole of life a little pain is a lot of learning experience ascertained and that is what makes this worthwhile; some pain, some boos, and a trip to a new place. Now the hard part is packing as you only have 6 hours to go before you leave. Another larger dynamic at play here is the fact I am last minute everything so it is no surprise that I decided to wait till the last possible milli-second to pack and get the backpack ready to go. Its okay though; I was able to pack it just in time before my 12:42 train from Port Jeff that would get me in an hour and a half before my 3:45 train to Chicago. So as I am a college student and homebody that lives at home; I had the best ride available to the station, my mom and one of the best things about Mom's is that they love to help out their sons in the context of telling them what can go wrong. It has become a usual word of dance of "Don't do this" followed up by a dosi-do of "This can happen". But after that is over the reward is a strangulating death grab of don't leave or let go that even the "Hillside Strangler" can be proud off followed by that wet kiss that made all your high school friends go "Dude; really?".

    Got onto the LIRR and well not stories here; not surprisingly. The LIRR is the most typical commuter railroad ever with the conversations most people have about it directed in the "always late category" on their blogs. It's sort of like someone's Aunt Helen who has a due date but is always late delivering the baby and everyone expects it as its happened every time. But when it is on time people give you the "I knew it" face even they really don't mean that. This time going into the city my train was ahead of schedule and that allowed me to actually make it up to street level and have some pretzels at a vendor. I was thinking of shooting over to Jack Dempsey's to make an appearance and sip a few back but made a mental promise with myself that due to the fact I was supposed to arrive in Toledo, Ohio (the city I was to make a bus connection in) at 5:00 in the morning; I decided that any alcohol in the system might be a bad idea and cause me to miss the stop; or even worse have a hangover as I roamed the streets of Detroit trying to locate my hotel. (At this point my pre-conceived images of Detroit are more vivid than ever.)

    So after waiting around in Penn Station another animal entirely; I was ready to get on my train in the Amtrak waiting area. Of course this was after I witnessed an older gentleman fall down the escalators, but to his credit he was wearing a helmet so he was a good "Boy Scout" and was "Always prepared". But the emergency buttons on the escalators are complicated and that led to some bad decisions and tense moments as it unfolded. He was okay and the police escorted him away which led to a better day for us all and put a silver lining in an incident that normally has dark clouds surrounding it.

    As I entered my Amtrak train I was treated to seeing my coach class seat and all its glory. Traditionally Amtrak has two sets of Amfleet coaches both of which have different seat pitches. The regional travel or the ones you get while you travel the Northeast Corridor are about 34" apart which is greater than most airlines' coach class seating. The longer distance ones; the ones you usually get for overnights or trips lasting longer than 5 hours have about 42" which is the general diameters you get while you travel most first classes with the airlines. It is so large that it nearly reclines to a bed; perfect for the overnight sleep you so want. The bigger issue is answering how packed do you want this train to be? Mine was just that; packed and I was not happy as I know I would be sharing a seat with someone. The issue isn't so much the length of the seat as the width; it is as wide as an airline seat and also just a little more comfortable to sleep in. My seat mate at first seemed odd in that he had just a bag and a pair of old sneakers but as with the time on the train that was about to change.

    The food itself was top notch and couldn't be beat and the company was great so with that the first part of the trip concluded and now on to Detroit and the city itself tomorrow.

    08 June 2011

    MLS in Detroit by 2013?


    Detroit is feeling confident that they could be an option for Major League Soccer come 2013and who can blame them for their confidence. The stadium solution, The Silverdome, not only is already built but going through some renovations soon. This ownership group is serious about bringing a soccer team to the Motor City and if they can prove to have deep pockets, they will be a contender for that 20th spot. Detroit is a city that should not be brushed aside.

    Starting to get way too interesting for our liking.

    05 June 2011

    Moya supports stadium


    Assemblyman Francisco Moya has spoken out in support of a Queens based soccer stadium . He spoke about it in the lead up to this weeks Greece - Ecuador friendly at Citi Field.

    Moya, who thinks Ecuador will come out on top 2-0, said his priority will be getting a permanent Queens home for a professional soccer team.

    "To bring a stadium here is a great economic opportunity for a community that really needs to see this. This is an important step but it's something that we really need to push," Moya said."

    Don't really have to go into to a detailed explanation on how important it is to hear an elected official say such something like this.

    Very positive things going on lately.

    01 June 2011

    Will Citi Field house MLS?


    If you love speculation, then today's article on Mets.com is for you. Dave Howard, Executive Vice President of the New York Mets offered some interesting quotes.

    "It's part of our broad strategy of using the facility for major events," said Howard. "We think soccer in Queens, the most diverse borough of our very diverse city, is a natural.

    "There are 140 languages spoken in Queens and in almost every one of those languages soccer is the favorite sport. Queens has the largest concentrations of Ecuadorian and Greek communities outside their native countries. It made prefect sense for us."

    The more interesting quote from Howard mentions another possible match later in the summer as well as Major League Soccer.

    ""We are already in discussion about possibly hosting an exhibition match later this summer between a European club team and a Central American team," said Howard. "And Major League Soccer is on record as saying they would like to have a second team in New York"

    Was Howard possibly opening the door for an MLS team to call Citi Field Home? Could the Cosmos reach a temporary deal to call Citi Field home while they wait for a stadium to be built? It seems like it would be a huge challenge given the MLS and MLB schedules, but in these cash strapped times for the Wilpon family, it could be a way to generate more income to field a competitive baseball team. 

    This is getting more and more interesting as the days goes on.