12 October 2011

Cosmos have issues

Tonight during the USA - Ecuador friendly in Harrison, New Jersey, Don Garber opened up a little more about the New York City expansion team.

"As for the league’s 20th franchise, it is becoming more and more obvious that New York remains his top choice. He mentioned that he was entertaining three potential ownership groups during the U.S. match and stressed once again that the stadium is the most important step towards making it a reality. "

“We’re making progress and the city has been supportive,” he said. “If we can build the stadium, we will have the 20th team in New York City.” 

Clearly getting a stadium built is the biggest challenge and tonight Garber even spoke about Randalls Island as a potential location As previously stated on this site, Randalls Island would be a great location with the skyline as a backdrop, but would be a disaster in terms of traffic and getting to the venue. 

Garber hosted three potential investors in his box and none of them were from the Cosmos group. When will their identities be revealed? 

As for the Cosmos, Garber hinted that there are some ownership issues that the Cosmos have to sort out before the league considers them as a potential owner. 

They’ve got some things that they’ve got to work out in their ownership group. As I’ve said before, they’ve done a great job of building their brand and when we’re ready to get that team launched if they want to be a part of that, we’d be happy to talk with them.”

So what is your take? Are the Cosmos falling apart? Is Garber trying to keep the pressure on the Cosmos to get their ownership sorted out? Will one of these other investors buy the Cosmos brand being the current group can not get their shit together? 

The ride continues. 


Anonymous said...

lImo whether its the original cosmos group, the rumored Arab group or a third party group I think the forefront brand will be cosmos. For me id like it to be the all cosmos group instead of some third party group garber is reporting to cater to but think about it, all the hype from the 20th club comes from cosmos. People expect and want cosmos to come back. If a group other than cosmos wins the bid and it is not to be a reincarnation of cosmos people will be disappointed and all the legitimacy, marketing and value of that bid will fall through. No one will want to go see a new York game if its not cosmos. On cosmos Twitter page it says they are willing to work with other investment groups. Hopefully cosmos males it stick with the Arabs cuz that's big $$$ and garber and his cartel loves big $$$. If there is any consolation for us cosmos fans is that no matter who gets the rights to the expansion club cosmos will be the team brand. They have to. Otherwise new yorkers will be upset and the new new York team will be just as successful as chivas usa or revolution. Even if its placed in queens.

Anonymous said...

I only wish a NYC team in MLS and I don't care if it is Cosmos or not !!!