25 August 2010

Cosmos Academy West and GIO


After announcing a partnership with BW Gottschee earlier this month, it seems the Cosmos are showing Tupac a little love taking their show to the west coast as well.

"LAFC, based out of Pasadena, is one of the nation¹s most esteemed and competitive youth soccer organizations and will now be called Cosmos Academy (West), based out of Pomona"

To see the Cosmos build this show from the youth level up is something Cosmos fans and US soccer fans can be happy with. This is showing their commitment not only to the brand New York Cosmos but also to soccer as well.

They also announced that today local icon Giovanni Savarese will be the Director of Cosmos Academy East.

"As the newly hired Director of Cosmos Academy (East), he joins The New York Cosmos’ mission to further solidify their mark in the regional, national and international soccer scene"

Good to see a local legend getting involved still and we wish Gio luck in his new role!

20 August 2010

NY1 Garber Interview


Take a look at this interview and you will notice lots of the same talk we have been hearing but it should be noted that once again Garber talks about both the Cosmos as well as the Wilpons. We have heard through very credible sources that these two groups have met about this venture.

It seems final that Queens is the location of this team, just a matter of Long Island City or by Citi Field.

The report says that the 20th team would be the final expansion team in the near future, however he gives us a timeline of anywhere between 2013 and 2015 for kick off. Lets hope for the earlier.

13 August 2010

Thank You Jack Demsey's


If you have been to Jack Demseys for any of the Borough Boys events you know how great the atmosphere can be. This is all in part ot the fantastic ownership and managment of the establishment.

This banner was hung during the tailgate party of the USA vs. Brazil game and The Borough Boys and the American Outlaws NYC chapter can not thank the staff enough for all their hard work during our outings.

Cheer Jack Demsey's, this is just the start of something beautiful!

05 August 2010

More Garber NY2 Quotes


The interesting thing here is Garber talking about how much he is a fan of Paul Kemsley.

"I speak to Paul Kelsmely all the time," Garber said at the Red Bulls press conference that introduced Mexican international captain Rafa Marquez to the area media. "From the months that he bought the trademark to obviously the activities this weekend. Whether or not they are engaged is still way, way too far [too early] to make a prediction. I'm a big fan of Paul. I know all his partners very well. I think its great to have the Cosmos in whatever [incarnation] it comes back relaunched because I think it's been the heart and soul of the soccer community here."

And then Don Garber drops this line:

"It's hard to imagine that we can't get it done."

Taking the quotes from this article you get the feeling that this is just a matter of time but you have to be cautions as anything can happen and finalizing a stadium deal is going to be the toughest part.

As for the Wilpons/Cosmos thing....they are talking, we know that as fact.

02 August 2010


A reader sent in this video to us:

Remember, we encourage all to share any videos, photos or creative artwork that is Cosmos related.

Every great club has a great culture around it, so lets help create a true soccer culture around the New York Cosmos.

01 August 2010



Today during the Copa NYC Final, Pele announced that "The New York Cosmos are back". What does this mean? Well according to their website it seems the Cosmos are going to be active on all levels of soccer in this country. At the youth level, they've partnered with BW Gottschee, a Queens based youth club. The most exciting part for all of The Borough Boys is this quote from their website.

"However, the club’s ultimate vision is unquestionably to bring The New York Cosmos back to the greatest city in the world, to be a part of Major League Soccer and to compete for the championship."

Starting to come together. Are you ready New York? Join the movement and help The Borough Boys create a true soccer culture around this great club.

Here is video from Halftime