05 August 2010

More Garber NY2 Quotes

The interesting thing here is Garber talking about how much he is a fan of Paul Kemsley.

"I speak to Paul Kelsmely all the time," Garber said at the Red Bulls press conference that introduced Mexican international captain Rafa Marquez to the area media. "From the months that he bought the trademark to obviously the activities this weekend. Whether or not they are engaged is still way, way too far [too early] to make a prediction. I'm a big fan of Paul. I know all his partners very well. I think its great to have the Cosmos in whatever [incarnation] it comes back relaunched because I think it's been the heart and soul of the soccer community here."

And then Don Garber drops this line:

"It's hard to imagine that we can't get it done."

Taking the quotes from this article you get the feeling that this is just a matter of time but you have to be cautions as anything can happen and finalizing a stadium deal is going to be the toughest part.

As for the Wilpons/Cosmos thing....they are talking, we know that as fact.