14 January 2011

Big announcement in February

There has been a lot of talk lately about the New York Cosmos. Some by the Cosmos themselves and some by Major League Soccer. The latest set of quotes we got from www.worldfootballinsider.com.

In an interview, Cosmos Chairman Paul Kemsley talks about the current state of the Cosmos and their push towards MLS.

“There’s ongoing conversations with the MLS which have been progressing very well and continue to progress,” he said, “but there’s no set deadline as of yet as to when the MLS would make a decision. 

“2013 is definitely the earliest we could play in the league, but the announcement I would assume would be before 2012.”

Byrne also said to expect a steady stream of news from the club’s New York offices in the next few months.

“I think there’ll be another big announcement in February,” the British businessman said. 

“Some may be sponsorship, but there’ll be other announcements as we roll on towards the summer.”

Let's get this out of the way. There is no indication that the league is going to announce the Cosmos in February, so we do not think that is the announcement he is speaking of.

However, there is a large amount of possibilities of what that announcement can be. Another major sponsor? Partnership with the Wilpon Family? Stadium Plans?


Anonymous said...

come on! By the time this is over people will give up caring. A least show some stadium design in Feburary
If not location, at least design.