28 February 2011

The Big Stick without a Handler

Nothing amazes me more than when people say loud things, without anything behind it. A great example is the child on the Elementary School playground who tells all his friends "I'm gonna kick his (butt)" and then proceeds to find either an excuse out of the situation or even better, a pawn to do his bidding. Right now the Cosmos organization is doing alot of talking with the backroom staff and how they are making the right choices with personell but few is said of the details on stadium or even expansion fees. The Wilpon family has said that they are not planning on any intention to sell the Mets and it is no secret that Don and MLSers are trying to woo Fred and co. with a sturring rendition of "I've got you babe" but the question remains on how this all ties in. Right now the only thing that is a certain is that the world reknowned Cosmos name is back in play however we don't know how this can be developed even further. Without an exapansion fee, a stadium. or even a playing staff the Cosmos are basically an attractive female who does not speak your language; something to look at but without any real "inner" qualities that you can understand yet. To play Devil's Advocate however; maybe this is the Cosmos plan all along. Get people talking and start making our name get out there even more.

Eric Cantona sat down with ESPN's David Hirshey the other day and the conversation devolved from one of Eric's personal career of his playing style to his famous incident in Selhurst Park. What should of taken place was a lot of talk about the Cosmos and the current situation but nothing was mentioned. David seemed to be interested in the legend that was Eric and Eric seemed to be interested in the legend of Eric as well. Some have interjected that this hints Eric is more than a figure head but everything in the article was featured with existential words like hope and wish. What really is going on is that the Cosmos are using all this publicity to build interest in the Wilpon's and other groups of moneybags (aka investors) to tell them to get on board and also to keep the fans talking. What the Cosmos are really doing is waving a big stick around telling the world they are important meanwhile they are drumming up interest to see who takes the role of the stick swinger. Basically its like an optical illusion with a big stick floating around without a handler; almost ghost like. The Cosmos will continue to do this until they have the ducks lined up and the city onboard which can take longer than the 2013 goal. Can it happen in a few months, sure but without any insider or even vital information we are looking down a dark tunnel without a light wondering where the end is. Will we ever see an end to this like February will see an end to the month? Yes! But the question remains when and will the outcome be positive? If the Cosmos continue to drum up support and push more people on the product it should be the case; but until then stay tuned!