05 April 2011

Live Blog: Cosmos online Q & A

Wrapping up:
Slightly new info, but alot of the same we heard at the Q and A at Legends.
The PDL team sounds intresting, and we should hear something about that in the next
few weeks according to the Cosmos Front office.

On if the Cosmos joining the league is a risk for MLS due to the failing RedBull attendance:
"Our conversations to date with both MLS and the Red Bulls representatives are welcoming the opportunity to create a rivalry in New York. If you look at Los Angeles, there are currently two teams, in Chivas USA and the Los Angeles Galaxy, and if you look at most soccer cities around the world there are normally more than one team which creates these historical soccer rivalries. "

On the purpose of the Asia Tour:
"We were invited with Pelé and Eric to visit both Singapore and Hong Kong to discuss future grassroots partnerships and develop future relationships within the international soccer community. "

On how they got Eric Cantona:
"We drew up a shortlist of candidates that we interviewed for Eric's position and having met with Eric it was clear that he shared our passion and ambition for The Cosmos and wanted to be a part of the future. "

On if the Stadium will be close to public transportation:
"Public transportation is one of the major initiatives that we are taking into consideration when working with the city to develop a stadium site. "

On the Cosmos Academy West issues:
"Cosmos Academy West is a completely separate entity from LAFC and will continue under the coaching of Teddy Chronopoulos. "

On the difference between the Cosmos in the past, and the nature of football today:
"During the last 18 months we have started the process of our comeback by working closely from the ground up through our grassroots initiatives as well as closely with the communities. As we continue to grow, these partnerships will grow with us. "

On style of play:
"The Comos style of play is being developed at the moment by Eric Cantona, Cobi Jones, Gio Savarese and Teddy Chronopolous. We are playing the same system as Barcelona: 4-3-3 but as Eric believes firmly and continues to remind us, its the players not the system that wins games. "

wow :" Robert de Niro has invited Pelé personally to the Tribeca Film Festival which Pelé has accepted and will be present at as part of NYFEST. "

On what roles Pele and Giorgio might play:
"Pelé is our honorary president and has been involved with the club since its relaunch. Giorgio is currently an international ambassador and will be working with us in the future. We will also be announcing three coming ambassadors in the next month. "

On the possibility of having an academy that creates income by selling young players abroad:
"Our intentions are to develop home grown academy players that will be the future backbone of The Cosmos team however soccer as a business always unearths special talent that at some point will attract global attention. Should we receive that level of attention with any of our players in the future we will consider whats best for both the player and The New York Cosmos. "

On possible future community based tournments and outreach:
"Copa NYC will be relaunched as Cosmos Copa and has expanded to over 40 international communities in NYC. There will be an announcement in the coming months about our development with the New York City department of education. "

On scouting in the US:
"Currently we have relationships with clubs, managers and players globally that we will tap into moving forwards in order to benefit The Cosmos to the maximum. "

On possible big name stars to come to the Cosmos:
"The MLS currently allows for a maximum of three designated players once we are successful in achieving our ambition of becoming MLS' 20th club we will look at what DL caliber players are available to choose from. "

On what kind of players do the Cosmos want?
"Good question. The Cosmos want ambitious, technically sound and athletically strong players who fully understand the game and want to continue to improve. "

On possible PDL players being groomed for MLS:
"The PDL team is so that our college age kids can continue to play in the Cosmos system and our younger academy kids can play with college level talent. "

On specifics of the stadium:
"Our plan is to have the most iconic soccer specific stadium in this country that caters to all our fans. Our hope is to secure a ground in excess of a 30k capacity. We definitely have plans to have a supporters section."

On Private vs City/State supporter stadia:
"The current stadium discussions include both private and state funding options however we will not know until we know the final location if there will be state funding. "

On current talks with MLS:
"The MLS talks continue to be positive and are moving forward on a weekly basis. "

On the Umbro issue:
"All parties are aware of our ambitions to become a club in MLS. "

On how the supporters can help the Cosmos:
"Continue to support the growth of The Cosmos with our upcoming initiatives and continue to spread the word to the grassroots communities."

On a possible European tour:
"There is no European tour this year. There will be European games in 2012. "

On where the PDL team might play:
"We are currently working on this. The venue will be part of the upcoming announcement. "

On locations of the previous mentioned All-star games:
"We are currently working on a strategy for games this year and over the coming weeks and months there will be regular announcements. "

On the role of the supporters in the Cosmos plans:
"Supporters are critical to the success of The Cosmos. We are happy to work with any supporters group and we are currently working with the Borough Boys supporters who graciously hosted a Q and A with us last week. "

On where their talent pool will come from:
"If we do our job correctly, the core of our players will be from our academy. "

On activities of Eric Cantona:
"Eric comes over regularly and works with our academy coaches to further develop Cosmos players and will continue to do so over the coming months with an emphasis on player development."

Btw, Joe Fraga and Terry Byrne are today's reps from the Cosmos front office.

On who might coach the PDL team:
"We are discussing as we speak several options to coach the PDL team. We hope to announce the coach as the same timeframe as the PDL team.

On possible stadium locations:
"We are looking within New York City's five boroughs. "

On playing a match this summer:
"We are currently exploring our options for playing a match this year which would be part of our 40th anniversary celebrations. "

In Regards to the PDL team:
"In regards to the PDL team, We are in the process of finalizing the agreement with USL and we are planning on making an announcement in the next two weeks."

The Cosmos are about to hold their online Q & A.
We'll be keeping those who can't follow updated here.