10 April 2011


During the recent New York Cosmos Q&A session held at Legends Bar NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting with Daniel Perez. He is the founder of Youth League Soccer (YLS), an online social network for soccer players, teams and parents which was developed to encourage young soccer players to follow their dreams.

According to Perez, the idea for the site came about while attending his sons’ first soccer game. After scoring his first goal, his sons’ passion took Daniel back to his youth days and how important the game was to him as a child.

After doing some research, Perez felt there was a need to develop a soccer community for both players and teams. The website is free of charge and it focuses on motivating players to self promote their skills and talents.

The motto of the YLS is "Helping kids reach their goals" and if you browse through their site, you will see that many kids are already jumping at the opportunity to post videos and photos. showcasing their  skills for all to see. 

The intention of YLS is to offer agents and scouts a portal where they can search talent. In fact, they have already received several emails and affiliation requests from agents and scouts in Europe and South America

The site is not only to be used on an individual basis but the in depth team pages allows teams not only to promote themselves for prospective players and parents, but also offers a new way to communicate events, contact numbers, photos, videos and even drills.

Yes, the exclusive interactive FieldCreator, which was developed in house by YLS, offers coaches and trainers a new interactive way for soccer players to learn drills. The technology allows coaches to create a play formation or drill simply by dragging players, arrows and images onto the online soccer field. 

In New York City there are many adult recreational leagues and when asked if adults can also utilize the YLS website, Daniel said "Absolutely, we welcome any age group soccer player, soccer team to come along for the ride and create their own free Soccer website" 

Now, being a Cosmos-themed site, I had to ask if the organization was in fact supporters of the New York Cosmos and to our surprise, not only were they, but they offer their members (Players and teams) page with a Cosmos skin design.  (Shown above)

Daniel Perez said that the Cosmos played a very important role in his childhood and truly hopes that they will be the next MLS team.

YLS soccer can be viewed on any browser, mobile device or even the ipad and iphone. It is also available in 8 languages.

To Contact the YLS, you can email them at [email protected] or call them at 866.783.1116. Below you can find other ways to follow them.