19 March 2011

Garber: "Subway ride to stadium WILL BE replicated in NY"

Was this a slip by Don Garber? When speaking to The Canadian National Post about expansion and soccer specific stadium, it brought about a very interesting quote.

"Another key issue facing the league is the need to get soccer-specific stadiums built in each market. How are things progressing in that regard?

When the league was founded, we had great owners and yet we were playing in large NFL stadiums. And that plan wasn’t working and we needed to switch and start building soccer stadiums, and that helped us create the momentum we’ve been able to ride to today. It’s also about building a stadium in the right location. Toronto’s BMO Field was the first stadium we had that, in essence, proved downtown stadiums really work and can provide fans an opportunity to go from work, or go from a local pub, and walk or take a short subway ride right to the stadium. And that’s been replicated in Seattle and will be replicated again in Portland and New York. There are so many great facilities that are in the communities where our fans live and work. That’s become a newer-stadium model for the league."

You can say that perhaps he was speaking of RedBull arena but his choice of words: "WILL BE" says to me that he might be speaking of New York City and the potential 20th team.

If this is true, then Don Garber and his "preliminary talks in NYC" are much farther along than he is stating. If he can comfortably make this quote,then discussions are going pretty well.

Let the speculation begin about that "pretty darn good piece of land" the Wilpons sit on, which as we know is just a one train subway ride from Grand Central Station.