21 February 2011

February almost over as fans wonder

Over the past few weeks, the talk amongst supporters of the New York Cosmos and the Borough Boys movement has been about news that was supposed to come out in February. The Cosmos organization mentioned that there would be big news in February and as we approach the final week of the month, nothing major has been announced.

The Cosmos have still been active as Eric Cantona did this interview with ESPN where he speaks of his past actions as well as the idea of the Cosmos emulating Barca and Total Football. Total football has been a successful tactic since the late 60s and it helped Holland to two straight World Cup Final appearances in the 70s. While an exciting style, it is hard to get too excited as the Cosmos still have no stadium or league to play in.

It should be noted that some of the Borough Boys were part of a photo shoot for the Cosmos which was explained as an ad campaign for a " team launch". This is a sign that the Cosmos are still moving forward in some capacity.

There are still a lot of questions out there and fans are trying to be patient in waiting for the answers, but the more time that passes, the more impatient they are becoming.


Leo Glickman said...

Yup, if the Cosmos need an abject lesson in false promises and a frustrated fan base, they only need to look across the river at the Metrostars from the last decade.