11 February 2010

NYC Stadium Update

The Joint venture spearheading the NYC soccer stadium effort has been in touch with the Borough Boys with an update.

To get financiers to commit, they need commitments from the City that a stadium can be built, and to get a site commitment from the City, they need to know that the financing will become available. A catch-22 for sure, but they have attracted a Washington area large scale real estate investor/developer with roots in NYC who has joined them in talks with City officials.

With the financing taking serious shape, they have engaged in further talks with officials from the City's Economic Development Corporation, and they seem genuinely impressed with the proposal and the team's ability to realize its goals.

There are no guarantees here, but things continue to take shape. The financial community and the City are serious about trying to build a great soccer stadium in NYC and a very workable site for the stadium has been identified.

 They really look forward to going public with more details, and they will. For now, all they ask is that we keep building support and excitement for Pro soccer in NYC.

(Note: The stadium pictured above is not a rendering of any potential stadium. That stadium is under construction in Gdansk, Poland)

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Anonymous + February 12, 2010 2:57 PM (#) :

i support all the way. go Cosmos football club!