22 December 2009

The Cosmos Returns: The Positives

So we hope to bring you a couple of stories about the possibility of the COSMOS coming back to the MLS. The rumored return will be nostalgic for older fans and exciting for younger fans who never got to see the great team play. And of course a lot of arguments!

In the first segment we will take the positives of the Cosmos and how bringing them back would be GOOD for Major League Soccer.

The Cosmos would have international support. Back in the Late 1970's the New York Cosmos were in fact your first TRUE global team. With players from South America, Europe and North America there was reason for most of the world to root for the powerhouse of the NASL. A rebirth of that brand in Major League Soccer would automatically raise the awareness of millions of people worldwide and may even bring something that Major League Soccer has failed to achieve on the International Level. RESPECT!

You don't have to promote the NEW YORK COSMOS, they sell themselves. It also would be the easiest press Major League Soccer has ever gotten as well. Two seasons ago the Red Bull went to the MLS Cup Final and if they got a corner of the front page they were lucky. I can see it now: "The Cosmos are back" in big print. New Yorkers can revisit their love affair with a soccer pitch.

The Cosmos would generate merchandise sales globally for the club and league. We know the Galaxy #23 shirt sells well globally. A Cosmos kit adorned with the name of a star player, not to mention sales of the vintage kit, would be an international success.

In the right New York City venue, it’s hard to imagine how the Cosmos would not be a success. The immigrant demographics of the City combined with the love affair of ordinary native born yanks with the Cosmos strikes us as a formula for success. They’d probably attract big attendance on the road as well as the team that everyone else loves to hate.

The memory of the Cosmos might help inflate television audiences. Television audiences for MLS have flagged over the years because many sports fans who like soccer don’t see MLS as first rate soccer. The old Cosmos name, a team that was arguably among the best club teams of all time, would help “legitimize” MLS for the more casual fan.

Another interesting aspect could be a COSMOS hall of fame in the stadium. Imagine that, an actual museum in the Soccer Stadium in the USA. The Cosmos are the most remarkable team in USA Soccer History, and its history would be presented for all to see. Pele, Canaglia, Beckenbauer, Shep Messing (Well the G rated photos) all in one place for fans of all ages. For people in their 40's to take their kids and say, "I was at this game with my father". Things like that my friends, start tradition and generations of avid supporters.

Yes, there are many reasons to bring the Cosmos back! Mr. Kemsley we have called out to you before, you heard us and only you can make it happen! New York City is waiting, because after all, THIS IS COSMOS COUNTRY!

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