19 December 2009

Shep Messing drops Cosmos hint!

In this Audio Interview, at about 38:00 on the clock Shep Messing, former Cosmos great and MLS personality, drops a hint about what might be of the Cosmos plan. When asked about the rumors that the Cosmos would be a traveling team similar to the Harlem Globetrotters, he states that he is familiar with the plans and that the traveling circus just is not the case. Below is some of the transcript.

Shep Messing: "Let's put it this way: I can say that I do have knowledge of that transaction [Cosmos sale] and I can say that what has been written, for example the Globetrotters, none of those notion are accurate to the knowledge I have. So to the extent that there is a transaction that will potentially take advantage of the Cosmo name and history both globally and domestically here, my feeling is it's absolutely on the right path and I think; I'm trying to figure out what I can say and what I can't; the notion that it's some type of barnstorming, you know Harlem Globetrotter/event-driven transaction from my knowledge is not accurate. If everything I have heard from the parties involved pans out, I think it will be spectacular not only for soccer but for Major League Soccer."

Moderator: So are we talking about Cosmos in the MLS or in this new NASL, potentially?

Shepp Messing: "I think it will be spectacular."

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