02 December 2009

World Cup Draw - Pots

Ok, I know! This blog is about NYC Soccer, but for this week, we need to focus on The World Cup. Even after we get another MLS side in the city, it will always be Country over Club!

The World Cup draw will be broken up into 4 pots, which are:

Pot 1: South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina and England.

Pot 2: Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea Republic, New Zealand, Honduras, Mexico and USA

Pot 3: Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Pot 4: Denmark, France, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland

For full instructions on how the draw works, please check out this document from FIFA.

P.S - We will get back to the NYC soccer scene soon! I promise!

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