20 November 2009


Mr. Kemsley,

You don’t know us, you probably never heard of us and until recently, we had no reason to reach out to you. Now we do! Your recent purchase of the NEW YORK COSMOS brand has raised both eyebrows and questions around the world, but more importantly it has also raised the hopes of soccer fans all around New York City. We have all seen the plans for the traveling squad of all stars, and that is all well and good, but we are writing to you today to let you know that, IF, you wanted to give that team a dedicated home, New York City is the ONLY place you should think of.

We are a supporters club that is doing whatever we can to bring a team to New York City, and in the first 2 years of our existence we have found ourselves in meetings we have no business being in and have won political support of local politicians for a soccer team in Queens.

We are the people who wake up at 7AM and find ways into pubs to watch International leagues. We are a group that is organizing 100+ people to get together to watch the US Mens National Team, We are the people who would buy up Cosmos Jerseys the minute they hit the shelf if they were brought into MLS. We are the Fans and we are the heart and soul of any football Club!

With that said Mr. Kemsley, if you are out there, please, let’s talk! Let us tell you about our vision for a NYC Soccer team , and what a NY derby match would be like! Let us introduce you to contacts in the City that you might yet have! We offer you whatever and all we have to offer if you work with us to bring the WORLD’S GREATEST GAME TO THE WORLD’S GREATEST CITY. This isn’t a business proposition, we don’t ask for money. All we ask in return is for your real interest in helping us bring football, and possibly the Cosmos, back to New York City.

The Borough Boys Supporters Club
New York City

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