17 November 2009

Beckham to invest in NYC Soccer?

Love him or hate him, David Beckham is a Soccer icon! At 34, you have to wonder just what he plans to do with his fame and fortune. While many people think he is not dedicated to his promise of helping soccer in this country it’s being reported in the UK seems that Mr. David Beckham might just be interested in putting his money where his mouth is and lending some of his considerable wealth and prestige to owning a Major League Soccer franchise (hey some of the stuff comes true). All this begs a question that we think about every day at Getstuckin.com - if Beckham invested in MLS, what city would he want to do it in?

"And People Sport understands he and his advisors have whittled down their list of potential destinations to New York, Miami or Montreal in Canada"

This is some very stiff competition for one man's love. Montreal is a great City. They love their Impact and before long we will probably see them in MLS. But do Beckham and Posh and the kids see themselves spending much time in the freezing Great White North? We at GetStuckIn don’t see it.

We would not, however, count Montreal out as this city is passionate and ready for an MLS Club.
Miami strikes us as a more likely place for Beckham to own his team than Montreal. Everyone counted Miami out for the 2011 expansion and then at the last minute BAM, FC Barcelona came with a bid on a team. You could argue of course that Miami failed once, why give them a second chance. But getstuckin.com thinks soccer can and probably should work in Miami with its great weather and its large soccer loving immigrant communities. Miami is a critical hub for Latin American culture and trade not just for the US but for the Americas as a whole.

And of course, it has many of the appeals that glamour couples look for in a place to live. It’s a great and fabuloso party town, South Beach, and celebrity culture abounds. Even the Dolphins have gotten into the mix with Marc Anthony and tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams having a piece of ownership. Oh yea, ownership that is shared with Warren Buffet, who earlier in the year Forbes.com blessed as the second wealthiest man in the world.

But no offense, Miami ain’t New York… hell, Miami ain’t even Los Angeles. So why not New York, Beckhams? We’ve got passion for the beautiful game, the Hamptons in Summertime, and all the celebrity culture you can choke on. And we are the media capital of the world. Being big in Miami puts you on a regional stage, but being big in New York puts you on the world’s stage. We think we can guess which stage the famous Beckhams want to be admired from.

And last we checked, they didn’t name any of their kids DADE!

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