04 March 2010

Some fun speculation - UPDATE 3/5

Every once in a while it is OK to put up a piece that has no news or information behind it. The kind of piece that gets a fun conversation going. Here is ours! (News has been slow the past few weeks)

I would not file this story under the GROUNDBREAKING file but it is something of interest for the future of any potential MLS club. 

MLS Commissioner Don Garber is looking into the possibility of an English Premier side investing into Major League Soccer and there are some interesting aspects to this.

"A new MLS team could be bought for about $40 million, Garber says, in the next round of expansion."

Nothing new with this line, we know he is still looking to expand so don’t get all that happy about this.

"Some English clubs already play in the U.S. in the summer, with Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham possibly making the trip this July. Garber said helping to grow the sport is the next logical step for interested clubs."

This has a bit more of a curious touch to it as well, we can eliminate Manchester United as that is a very unstable ownership group at the time and there is a group called the Red Knights trying to purchase them away from the Glazer family.

Tottenham of course is something of interest as the new owner of the Cosmos brand Paul Kemsley is the former Vice-Chairman of that club. 

There has been nothing to suggest Manchester City has any interest in purchasing a club in New York City but I bring you back to a picture we found on the web not too long ago. 


Look behind that funny looking muppets head and you will see the Carlos Tevez "Welcome to Manchester" banner that was found in the City Centre of Manchester after he was purchased by the Eastlands club.

A Tottenham/Man City connection for the next round of MLS expansion?

Total speculation!

Don Garber in this story does however say they are not close to a deal with a club at this time.


Sky Sports had this story that kind of fits in with our post last night

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