08 November 2010


Why does a thirty one year old man from Buffalo New York who works for a college bookstore want to write about the NY Cosmos? It’s quite simple, they were the club which got this guy into the sport. Allbeit, a little late, but good things come to those who wait.  My name is Stephen Brandt, and I’m that guy.

I wasn’t born in enough time to witness the orignal Cosmos in person, or on television. As you all know, the growth of the internet and media has made pretty much anything that was filmed easily accesible.  The Once in a Lifetime Movie, is one of my favorite’s of all time. From that I abused the search function of Youtube for anything that was Cosmos related. And yes I still consider Pele the best player ever.

So what makes me a writer? Well I’ve blogged on many EPL teams to find my voice, and finally was able to settle on my first love for soccer, Liverpool FC. I have Danish blood in me, so any club who had Jan Molby on it was good. That and their fans are just nuts. Oh, Kenny Dalglish is my favorite non-this side of the globe player.

I have my own blog on Liverpool http://kingkennyskop.blogspot.com/.

However, I’m not here to write or talk about Liverpool. I’m a Cosmos Supporter too. Why I am starting to write right now on the team, is because my undergraduate degree is in history. There’s a lot people who will becoming supporters and will need a quick, and weekly reminder why the Cosmos were, are, and always will be the greatest NY club. 

This is Cosmos Country welcomes Stephen and we look forward to history lessons.

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Anonymous + November 8, 2010 1:02 PM (#) :

look forward to it

NYC_COSMOS + November 9, 2010 12:08 AM (#) :

Welcome abroad Stephen!