22 February 2010

Brainstorming anyone?

This is a picture on a public website for an advertising company located in New York. Notice something in the dab middle of this photo? While still blurry you can make out "Authentic Game day Jerseys" as well as possibly the words "Professional Team" in the pyramid on the left.

The right side of the Cosmos section you see the word "Lifestyle" which can make you to lead that it will be more than just a club on the pitch. 

Little by little hints are being dropped and after a while you start to think that this is not by mistake.

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jaydawgg22 + February 22, 2010 10:59 PM (#) :

looks like an advertising company working closely with Umbro, considering the "This is Manchester" add and the England shirt promos.

Phil + February 23, 2010 10:01 AM (#) :

At first I just thought that was a picture on the wall taken from someone's cell phone, but I didn't realize that was the home page picture of the company. That's a big difference, as that picture should (ideally) represent the company.

So seeing Umbro and the Cosmos makes me believe something is legit, but seeing converse all-stars, the weird basketball trophy and "joke" poster makes me a lil' nervous.

Not to mention the "Pussy and Papers" book is about T-shirt design. I guess there might be a huge fashion line attached to the Cosmos after all.