28 June 2011

Banned in Belson

All, with the big US OPEN CUP match between Red Bull New York and FC New York, it should be publicly stated why The Borough Boys CAN’T come out in full support for the local side.

Earlier this year, some of our members started attending FC New York matches and supported the local side in their inaugural season. We had a group of members out to the first two home matches, and plans were on the way for a big event surrounding the memorial day match against the Rhinos. We had at least 30 members going and up to 50 ready to pay for tickets and enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

However, after the second match, we were informed by a 3rd party that FC New York banned us from their matches.

Allegedly, after the first match there were some New York Cosmos stickers on the bathroom walls. We were told there were “50 stickers all over the bathroom”.   FC New York blamed The Borough Boys.   We were an obvious target, as we are of course a New York Cosmos supporters club.  Nevertheless, The Borough Boys certainly did not plan, encourage, facilitate or in any way condone the conduct. 

We do realize, however, that there if in fact there were stickers on the bathroom walls it was likely one of our members showing some admittedly poor judgment.  We contacted St Johns by letter, offering our help to clean it up and to accept responsibility.   St Johns was incredibly gracious in their response and in fact welcomed us back for St Johns games, which we look forward to obliging. 

Only after the second match, which some of us attended, were we made aware of the incident.  The FCNY front office were all in attendance, but they did not have the decency, or perhaps nerve, to tell us directly what happened.  No.  Instead, they contact a third party to get in touch with us to tell us we were banned.  Doug Petersen et al have our contact information, but again, they didn’t see fit to contact us directly.  Clearly, they understood that the messenger of the ban holds its supporters in higher esteem than they do.

We wish to state that for the FC New York players, we are in full support of you all and wish you luck this week in the match. We hope for victory and want you to know that we in fact support you, but we are not a supporters club that will be treated like we do not matter. Especially when we are supporting with our hard earned money.


Now, we recently saw a tweet from an intern who worked for FC in the past, and it stated that the front office of FC New York did not have kind things to say about the Borough Boys.

So we would like to share the history with you all:

As you all know, The Borough Boys have been around since 2007 trying to do anything we can to help bring a professional side to New York City proper. After the Bernie Madoff scandal we realized that our dream was on hold for a while, and we tried to help a number of potential investors bring a USL side to the area. We have made contacts with many local politicians and continue to have those contacts. When FC New York was announced we were very excited about the prospects and threw a bit of a celebration for their birth. We were excited about the plan to play home games around the city while they found a permanent home. We began marketing them online and started the plan a supporters section as well as road trips.

We met with the teams President Doug Peterson who told us that they were looking to play at Columbia, Icahn Stadium as well as York College. Shortly after, through our contacts, we heard from some of these locations that talks were never held. In fact administrators at Icahn informed us that stadium no longer supported soccer.

We confronted FC New York on that and publicly displayed our disappointment.

We offered Doug Peterson a number of times to introduce him to some of the local leaders who could possibly help him build a smaller sized stadium in Queens, and every time those offers were met with silence. Silence for a group, who might just be fans, but were able to convince a Councilman to come with us to meet the Wilpon family about a potential MLS sized stadium.

FC then came out and said they would be playing home games at Hofstra, which we voiced our displeasure for, as we wanted to see the team play in Queens. On a number of occasions, FC New York interns insulted us on the Big Soccer Message boards in a very personal way, one going as far to say that we were low class for living in the boroughs - or did he call us trash?  Needless to say, it turned off not only potential season ticket holders and supporters, but cut off an avenue of free marketing.

Eventually, FC New York announced that Belson Stadium would be the venue for home matches, and many of us were very happy with that decision, and despite our work with the New York Cosmos and our not so great past with the FC Front office, we wanted to be there to support local soccer.

As you can see, from the start, our interaction with the Front office has been shaky at best, and despite that, we still went to support. At the home opener, which was filled with parents and kids from their academy, we kept all our chants to PG to be respectful and not to hurt attendance, yet security guards were sent to stand by us and watch us like we were causing a disruption.

Clearly, the supporters atmosphere is not in the plans of FCNY and the stickers, which very well might have been one of our members, was an excuse to get rid of the Borough Boys. Had FC New York approached us on the incident, we would have worked our hardest to rectify the situation and handled the situation like adults, which we are, but FC New York, who has our contact information, chose not to act like adults and took the route of calling another business and treating us like we are nothing.

Good luck to the players of FCNY, we just won’t let a front office, that clearly cannot run a soccer club, treat fans and people of New York City that poorly.   If you don’t believe they can’t run a soccer club, just look at their web site, and all the plans they’ve already abandoned (Straphangers Supporters club anyone)?

Lucky for us all, there is a better future on the horizon! Run by people who have run soccer clubs all around the world. People who treat the supporters as well as they would their business associates. People who despite being heads of a soccer club, interact with their supporters and care about their desires. Lucky for us indeed!


DFJersey said...

HA!!!!! Poor little wannabee fans took their toys and went home crying. I don't get what makes you think that you are so special that the club should ignore that you can't control your members and had at least one of your "boys" put stickers all over the bathroom. You seem to think that fixing it after the fact should make it all better - compounding the reality of how clueless you are.

Hopefully soon enough your'll have a real team, not a clothing line - and then mommy can drop you off in her minivan at whatever stadium your "team" plays in.

Anonymous said...

Poor wanna be toys are making a stand. Perhaps if you did that, a soft drink would not be on the front of your shirt.

Anonymous said...

oh - and in your teams name!

Nick said...

Mommy? Mini Vans? Really DF? Really?

You guys make me laugh.

We don't think we are special - as supporters - We are special. Perhaps you guys should realize that!

Leo Glickman said...

Hey DF, your team plays marketing tricks on you. Why don't you worry about that and we will worry about what happens with the New York teams?

Roy said...

DF -

Your team is too corporate for my taste so I rather root for Cosmos instead.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha! Guess the Borough Boys are there just to annoy, eh. The douchebags who put up those stickers must have been the same ones who filled several Red Bulls sites with their crap. Enjoy your retro Cosmos gear douchebags.

DFJersey said...

Perhaps we should have taken a stand against Red Bull?? HA!!!!! I laugh at you from my seats in one of the best soccer facilities in the country....built by Red Bull.

When you have a real team, then you can criticize.

SwallowTheDrink said...

Thanks for reading DF, your hits help support the Cos.

Anonymous said...

F. FC, won't say NY, never. What's their attendence avg. like 400? Borough Boys forever. You don't want none of this Borough Boy, BK to the fullest. Do or die Bed- Stuy. I drink redbull with vodka, then piss.


Leo Glickman said...

DF seriously, it doesn't bother you that your club sends you all a message hinting at a German trialist, only it was a trick to get you interested in their formula 1 team? Are you not interested in being respected by your club?

Anonymous said...

getting tired of waitin for the Cosmos to make some concrete announce. God can't you leak some f'ing stadium design or something? Or are the people right when they say you are one selling t-shirts?

Leo Glickman said...

They have a PDL team and a youth academy, so clearly, people such as blogger Dan Feuerstein and all the others were absolutely wrong when they said "they're only trying to sell shirts."

Anonymous said...

Anyone that says RB is too corporate then you should support top flight soccer in the US.. this is modern football at its finest.. single entity league structure, corporate kit sponsors, league wide sponsors, etc... This is whole league is a corporate sham.. I'll give you boys who support FCNY some respect, but at the same time enough already with this BS about corporate sponsorship, etc... No I wasn't pissed at all about bringing in a German trialist.. Vettel is a huge F-in star everywhere in the world.. i thought it was kind of nice pub stunt.. they do this crap all the time in EU.. hell Barcelona tweeted a phenom from Canada was trialing with them.. (Justin Bieber).. Man U last year said they are trialing a Jamaican with massive pace (Usain Bolt).. no big deal.. I think the main thing here is that most of you won't take a 30-45 minute train ride to come to RBA... Your not getting a stadium in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, etc.. You don't have the capitol, you don't have the property, and there is no way the city of NY is ponying up the money to build you a grounds..

Anonymous said...

"DFJersey said...
HA!!!!! Poor little wannabee fans took their toys and went home crying."

Wow some major irony there. The big bad RB fans crying about how mean DCU fans are. Check the guy nearly bursting into tears at the 6:00 mark.


Leo said...

All we want to do, besides get a New York City team, is to make sure that the owners of teams are responsive to the fans. do you think RB's most dedicated fans are always treated well by the RB front office? If so, great, I'm happy for you. If not, then why are you wasting your time here and not demanding better behavior from your front office. In my opinion, red bull fans have been treated like shit (they called the cops on the ESC for gods sake).

And I begrudge no one for following the red bulls, but if you don't see the difference between a shirt sponsor and a team identity that has been changed wholesale in service of a marketing concept for a soda, then I'm not sure you're ready to have an honest discussion.

Anonymous said...

Hey DF, you're a real di**head, these real NY people deserve respect, not you nor the people like you.
See you in 10 days at RBA, jerk!
DC kicks you in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

My God you call yourselves a supporters club? I call you little Bitches!

Anonymous said...

If they won't have you, the Red Storm, who average double the attenance and welcome the supporter culture with a student section bigger than their basketball team's, certainly will. Good place to find new members as well.

Anonymous said...

Metrostars were bought and named "Red Bull New York." Can anything else more embarrassing happen? I wish I could screenshot the blog responses when that happened. Few, if any, people defended it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the team name is called Red Bull New York, This happens all the time, all over the world. i.e. PSV Eindhoven is named after Phillips, the electronics maker & Bayern Leverkusen is named after a drug company. I've been to Red Bull games and i love it. After watching the Metrostars ownership not giving a shit about the fans and giving us crappy players, i don't care if they call the team the Red Bull Flying Faggits. The ownership is hemoraging money and all they want is for the team to win. i'm game for that. I agree though that the city needs a team.

Hopefully The Cosmos will get a team in Queens,or the Bronx and these epic showdowns will finally happen.

Leo said...

Let's just be clear, out of respect to the former Metrostars fans (such as myself) who had their team taken away.

With the exception of the Red Bull team in Austria, no, what Red Bull did in NJ has never been done in the history of European or north american football. EVER. Eindhoven and Leverkusen were clubs that were started by workers at Phillips and Bayer (not "Bayern")in their local towns. No other company in the history of football has purchased a team and changed its name and entire identity to that of the company.

I begrudge no one for following the red bulls. But let's be honest and have some respect for people like me who think that this is just one bridge too far in the commercialization of sport.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem Steel bought Bethlehem FC and rebranded them Bethlehem Steel FC. Lazy, ignorant, or both Leo?

BB lack of support for FCNY makes the Boys look even more ridiculous. Keep posing for umbro.

Leo said...

Well, "anonymous", I stand corrected. Now if only you weren't too "lazy" to read the headline of this piece, the Borough Boys were banned from supporting FCNY.

You're jealousy of the Borough Boys is making me very sad. Care to identify yourself?